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Sundose, Your daily Portion of Energy customised just for you

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I am really into supplements. So when I was contacted by Sundose and they asked if I wanted to try their personalised supplements, of course, I said yes!

Choose a custom formula supplement 100% tailored to your lifestyle and health needs. Blended always from the best ingredients. Served in one daily portion.


Supplements can be very confusing. How do you know which ones to take? Which ones will benefit you more? It’s a minefield. This is where Sundose supplements come in.

The Ordering process

To start the process you will need to fill out the health interview where you will answer 62 questions. The questions are prepared by Sundoses doctors and dieticians. Answering the questions basically means they can understand your lifestyle & how best they can provide you with supplements tailored just for you.

If there is more information you want to give them besides answering the questions, then after you place your order the dietician will contact you and you can inform them of anything extra.

I received the email from the dietician about 2 days after placing my order. In the email, I was asked additional questions which allowed them to adjust the Sundose supplement even more. You can even send them up to date blood tests if you have them.

The one thing I really liked at this stage of the process was that I could choose the taste of the drink part of the supplements. I’m really fussy when it comes to taste and a lot of supplements I’ve tried as a powder or liquid drink have not been the nicest tasting. So although a small thing, for me this was a really big plus. If I am going to drink something daily then I want it to at least taste nice!

The next part of the process happens in the Sundose laboratory. Once approved they mix and verify the composition of your supplements. This can take up to 7 business days after they receive your order.

When You Receive Your Sundose Supplements

When you receive your Sundose supplements you should store them in the fridge. You should also try and take them around the same time each day too. On the back of the outer white box, you will see a label with all the nutritional information and how to take your supplements.

Sundose nutritional information

You’ll receive 30 sachets of powder that you will mix into 250ml of water and then drink. There will also be 30 sachets containing your other supplements in soft gel and hard capsule form. Having the supplements in sachets for each day makes it really easy to take your supplements. Especially if you are on the forgetful side, like me.

My Experience Using Sundose Supplements

Sundose tailored Supplements

As I mentioned earlier I am quite a fan of supplements and I have tried quite a few, though most of those have been specifically for skin, hair and nails only. The whole process of ordering my Sundose supplements was really easy. The questions, all 62 of them, were very thorough. liked that they asked so many in order to find out my lifestyle etc. I really felt that they had gotten a really good view of what I needed in the way of supplements.

It was also reassuring that even after this the nutritionist contacted me by email and asked for clarification on some things and that I was also able to pick the flavour of the powder sachet for the drink supplement.

Sundose tailored Supplements - Pin This

When the supplements arrived, they were in a very sturdy outer box, with nutritional information on the back. The sachets of supplements are housed in a zesty orange box with a flip lid. It was totally in keeping with the name ‘Sundose‘ – like a box of bright energy!

The sachet is split into two; one half containing the oral supplements, the other half containing the powder to mix into 250ml of water, making up your drink supplement. I would take mine with my breakfast. The drink, once mixed, was a pleasant orange flavour and was very easy to drink. The sachets are also really handy if you travel a lot too, as they can be packed away really easily and without taking up much room.

Sundose tailored Supplements

Can I say that I felt a big difference in the month I took the Sundose supplements for? Honestly, no, I didn’t feel that much different. HOWEVER, unfortunately, I had a few health issues during the 30 days I was taking them and trust me, no amount of supplements would have helped with that.

I did feel slightly less tired than usual, so in turn, I did have a little boost in energy. Given the chronic illnesses and conditions I have, I consider even that a success!

I really like the fact that the Sundose supplements are tailored for your own personal needs though. It saves having to purchase loads of different supplements which might not even be right for you. You can be confident that the composition of the supplement is done by doctors and nutritionists. After a month of taking them, they will also reassess your supplement needs for you too. So they can make any adjustments if required.

Want to Try Sundose for Yourself?

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Have you ever tried tailored Supplements? Is it something you Would Consider trying in the future?

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Sundose tailored supplements

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