January Treatbox
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Get Organised & Be Inspired With January Treatbox

I think I can safely say that not many people really relish the month of January. It’s always quite a gloomy month, straight after all the build up and excitement to Christmas and the New Year. We’re then stuck with this month where we’re all a little deflated and usually broke! It’s even my birthday this month and I still find this month such a grind to get through. Receiving my January Treatbox definitely brightened up the start of this month though!

January Treatbox

In cool, icey shades of pale blue, the tissue paper is held in place with a pretty little sticker that says ‘Chapter One’.

I really like this. A new year, is after all a new beginning. Indeed ‘Chapter One’ of the next instalment of our lives, so yes, a lovely sentiment.

January Treatbox January Treatbox

Lots of beautiful goodies to delve into in the January Treatbox! So let’s do just that, shall we!

January Treatbox

I really love this pretty floral design; icey pastel blue and soft frosted pink, with touches of coppery gold highlights. Just so beautiful and of course it’s extra lovely having the matching notebook, calendar and print. The inspiring quote ‘Don’t count the days, make the days count’ is perfect for the start of a new year too. These are a fabulous choice to include in the January Treatbox.

January Treatbox

As I’ve said many times, I am addicted to stationery. So of course, I adore this white and gold polka dot note-book. Plus, what about these fun coloured metallic paper clips? I love the design of these compared to the normal boring paper clips. These are just so much more fun!

January Treatbox

A handy pocket diary in this glitzy silver-grey and white design, with the black leather effect strap on it. This is perfect to keep in a handbag or in the car, as an extra diary to make notes in. Plus, the perfect companion for all the note taking – a pretty white pencil, with the words ‘YOU GOT THIS’ embossed in gold on it. Pencils are great to take notes with, especially if you need to alter anything, you can just use the eraser at the end of the pencil. I’m always changing and swapping stuff around, so writing in pencil is usually a better option for me.

January Treatbox

There is also this gorgeous fragranced sachet by The Very Nature. Mine was in the scent Intense Frangipani.

‘A drench of lemon, heart of frangipani and jasmine on vanilla and musk’

It’s a really beautiful scent and great to hang up in smaller places or place in drawers or cupboards. The scent lasts for around 4-6 weeks too.

January Treatbox

Ah, good old Nivea! This just has such a smell association with my mum. It takes me right back to when I was a little girl and my mum always used Nivea. To me, it’s actually a comforting thing to use and always makes me feel ‘cosy’. It also happens to be a good product too and perfect to nourish dry skin during the colder months.

January Treatbox

Lastly is this sachet of Bluebird Tea, from the Bluebird Tea Co. I’m not a huge tea drinker and when I do indulge in a cup, it’s always an instant fruit tea. There are other tea drinkers in the house though, so I know this will be used.


Overall Thoughts About The January Treatbox

January Treatbox

As usual, the January Treatbox is a beautifully curated box of items.

Everything you need to start the year inspired, motivated and organised. This is a little bit of a perfect Treatbox for someone like myself. I like to make lists, I like to be organised and plan ahead and know what I am doing. HOWEVER, I usually don’t stick to it. One of my goals this year, is to be more organised and so far, it’s actually going quite well. So the diary and notebook etc are going to come in handy. The print is also a lovely reminder to make every day count too. Even if you only achieve one thing that day!

I love the fragrance sachet; with its fresh lemon and heady floral scent, it’s a reminder of spring and summer. Makes you look forward to the sun and the brighter, cheerier weather too. It’s like bringing the outdoors in.

All in all, it’s just another excellent box from Treatbox.



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