How to Grab Attention With Your Website Homepage
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How to Grab Attention With Your Website Homepage

Statistics show that there are 1.7 billion websites worldwide, making for fierce competition. In the business world, building traffic to websites is a crucial tool for entrepreneurs to leverage. However, your website homepage holds the secret to grabbing that desired attention. That said, here are practical ways to optimise your homepage. 

How to Grab Attention With Your Website’s Homepage

3 things you can do to optimise your Website homepage

Create a compelling homepage introduction

First impressions last long in your guests, clients, and customers’ minds. Your website’s homepage attracts your online guests wanting to know more about your business. So how can you create a compelling homepage capable of grabbing attention? First, it must have a professional outlook. According to research, over 43% of web users tend to glance at homepages and stay longer when something piques their interest. 

For this reason, all graphic and visual elements used in designing the website must be appealing. Secondly, ensure to have excellent content well-written in your chosen language. You may also include a translation feature on your website for better business exposure. It’s important to note that excellent homepage content has to be:

  • Concise
  • Provokes action
  • Utilises an attention-grabbing headline

The three points highlighted above can be made when you stick to the rudimentary requirements of website maintenance. Furthermore, you will want to avoid cluttered fonts, excessive rolling and bouncing imagery and distracting graphic effects on your homepage. 

How to Grab Attention With Your Website Homepage

Make effective use of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the holy grail for websites. Apart from boosting your business’s search results, it can maximise revenue if used well. Moreover, It is a critical 21st marketing tool, making it essential to understand to draw attention to your homepage. Therefore, it is natural for people to patronise companies they regularly see on online platforms. 

By having your business in the minds of people, they will naturally look you up. This is an SEO secret successful businesses have stumbled upon. If you’re unsure how this works, you hire an SEO Company to help you out. An experienced establishment will help you draw closer to your target market and even beyond. 

Communicate your business value on the homepage

According to research, web users spend between 10 and 20 seconds on landing pages (a homepage). Anything uninteresting on the page can become a significant put-off for a web user looking for specific information or a product. Therefore, if you are an astute entrepreneur, you will realise that you only have 10 seconds to communicate the value of your business. The web visitor needs to see instantly what you’re offering and how that benefits them. If you cannot do this, you will lose business to a competitor who passes the 10-second test. This might lead to sales loss and reduced revenue generation. 

How to Grab Attention With Your Website Homepage

Furthermore, you must avoid repeating content across different pages under the same web address. By all means, try as much as possible to make your website mobile-friendly, as many people use their phones for online transactions. Finally, remember that you need more traffic to your website, which begins with organising the homepage.

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How to Grab Attention With Your Website Homepage
How to Grab Attention With Your Website Homepage

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