self hosted

Self Hosted – Taking the plunge!

So, I decided to take the plunge today and just go self hosted and buy myself a domain name and hosting. I mean, it’s not like it costs the earth to do and even though I’m still very new to blogging, I really enjoy it. So, yeah, welcome to 🙂

self hosted

Going self hosted is quite an easy process and something that I have done before albeit quite a few years ago. It’s great if you can register your domain and set up your hosting with the same company. Though that isn’t essential; it just makes it easier, especially if you are new to the process.

When you decide to go ahead, it’s also worth trying to get social media handles with the same name as your domain. This way people can find you very easily.

Honestly, if you know you want to really make a go of your blog, personally I would go self hosted from day 1. Then you can be working on your blogs DA (Domain Authority) from the very beginning. I didn’t go self hosted from the off it was about a week or two after I made my free WordPress blog. Though it was still early compared to when some people choose to take the step and buy a domain and hosting.

It’s also worth asking around or googling yourself for the best hosting plans. I’m with GoDaddy. It was extremely easy to register my domain name and set up hosting with them. I have never had any issues with them but I know there are other companies out there with better customer service and who have faster servers. The one thing I don’t like about GoDaddy is I find my site can be slow to load.

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