Things They Don't Teach You in School About Being an Adult

Important Things You Need To Learn About Being an Adult

AD | Once you leave the classroom, you don’t stop learning. If anything, it’s only the beginning of you figuring out who you are as a person and how to navigate your way through the real world. There are lots of things you learn for the first time as an adult that you won’t find in any textbooks.

Important Things You Need To Learn About Being an Adult

4 Things You need to learn as an adult

Managing Finances

You have so many maths lessons, complete with algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Yet, not a single one about managing your finances as an adult. Learning how to budget or how to build your credit score. Or even just the knowledge that here in the UK you have to pay council tax. Plus, the big one, how a mortgage works. You are not alone if you felt overwhelmed when you first started having to prepare for these sorts of things.

Important Things You Need To Learn About Being an Adult

Preparing for Emergencies

Part of being an adult is being prepared, not only financially but also in case of emergencies. It’s a lesson that should be taught from a young age: it’s better to be safe than sorry. For instance, it would be great if we all got taught basic first aid training. Or what to do if you’ve been involved in an accident. Even though it can be scary to think about, it’s still very important to learn and plan for.

Preparing for Jobs

While schools introduce the concept of working Monday through Friday, they don’t do much in terms of helping you prepare for a job. From how to write a CV to job interview tips. Some schools offer career advice but there’s not much practical help out there. Most people pick up job hunting tips when they have to start looking for work. It’s a learning experience.

Important Things You Need To Learn About Being an Adult

Fake it ‘till you make it

Here’s the biggest secret about adulthood you didn’t realise when you were younger: getting older does not mean you’ve got everything figured out. When you were little, it was easy to look at adults in awe. Whereas the older you get, the more you realise everyone is figuring it out as they go along. There is no set path or timeline you have to follow with your life, and you’re allowed to do things at your own pace. You will always be learning.

Being an adult can be hard at times, but the more challenges you face, the more you can learn from them. Remember, everyone is learning alongside you. What kind of things do you wish you’d been taught about adulthood when you were in school?

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