6 reasons why staycations are the future of travel

6 Reasons Why Staycations are the Future of Travel

AD | It’s been a rocky time for the travel industry, with the government putting a pause to overseas travel to keep people safe throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. After more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions, many of us are now desperate for a change of scene. Enter, the humble “Staycations”.

Holidaying within the UK may not promise you the blue skies and crystal clear seas of the Mediterranean or Caribbean, but there are a huge number of advantages to staying close to home.

6 Reasons Why Staycations are the Future of Travel

Keeping it Close to Home: 6 Reasons Why Staycations are the Future of Travel

1. Less Time Spent Travelling

A lot of effort goes into holidays abroad – not least the hours spent travelling to your destination. Often, you’ll need to put whole days aside just to get to and from a far-flung place on planes, in taxis, on buses… but not with a staycation! Instead, you can just hop on a train and it’ll take you to a host of unforgettable places. If you’re in the capital, the London to Hartlepool train, for example, will have you in beautiful County Durham and its historic quays and striking beaches in just over three hours. Or head to anywhere from Exeter to Edinburgh – you’re not short of options.

Visit striking beaches in just over three hours

2. Less Planning Required

Long-distance travel logistics, a different currency, unusual cuisine, airport admin, a different language to navigate… it all takes a lot of planning. But a “holistay” is a whole different ballgame – you can head off footloose and fancy-free with relatively few plans, leaving you more time to relax and unwind.

3. No Jet Lag

No time difference means no jet lag, meaning you can get straight into your holiday without any middle-of-the-night wake-ups or 6 pm bedtimes.

4. Less Uncertainty

You’ve probably lost count of the number of plans you’ve had to cancel this past year. The concept of looking forward to something feels alien. Holidays abroad are still steeped in doubt, so why not book something with a bit more certainty and stay in the UK?

Porthminster Beach, St Ives, Cornwall

5. Support the Local Economy

A holiday within your own country is a great way of putting money back into the economy, which has had a tough old time since Covid-19 reared its ugly head. Businesses in popular tourist spots have really struggled, with many forced to close, so holiday close to home and you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling from putting your money towards a good cause.

6. Better for the Environment

Air pollution has significantly reduced since Covid-19 hit, with the effect on the environment one of the few positives that can be taken away from the pandemic. Air

travel is the most carbon-intense activity you can undertake – unbelievably, a passenger flying from London to New York and back (around 14 hours of their time) emits more emissions than an average person in Paraguay over the course of an entire year. So by choosing to travel locally or hop on a train, you’re doing your bit for the environment in a pretty big way.

Have we convinced you on staycations yet? What are you waiting for?!

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6 Reasons Why Staycations are the Future of Travel
6 Reasons Why Staycations are the Future of Travel

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