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Freedom Japanese Market Fukubukuro Box Review

Time to take a break from the world of beauty and take a look at the world of candy and snacks; specifically Japanese candy & snacks. Freedom Japanese Market kindly and very generously sent me another one of their boxes to review, their Fukubukuro box.

Freedom Japanese Market is family run by Ken, Sanae and their two children who love to do the official taste testing and quality control and I love that; it feels a lot more personal when you know it’s run by a family. They’re in the top of my list for their customer service; they are just so friendly and helpful


This is a box for the more adventurous person because you don’t get any information about what the snacks & candy are inside this box. It’s all for you to discover for yourself but that’s part of the fun, right?

As with their monthly box, the Fukubukuro box was jam packed with not an ounce of space left. You could tell it had been packed extremely carefully. Everything was in perfect condition too. Oh, and not forgetting there was also 3 Origami pieces too – you will notice the 2 of snails in the pictures! I couldn’t not use them. 😀

I did review their monthly subscription not too long ago, so I did get a few things in the Fukubukuro box that I had previously received in the monthly box.


This little Cream Collon are tasty little chocolate cookies, with a chocolatey cream filling. They were really nice. There were 2 boxes of these included, so plenty for everyone to share.


There were 2 dark chocolate Kit Kats. Dark chocolate and wafer; can’t go wrong with this combination.


Some milk flavoured Pocky – I know they’re milk because these were in the monthly box lol Is that cheating? 😛


This was also in the monthly box and is a soft chewy watermelon gum. Full of flavour.


These Country Ma’am cookies are cute little vanilla cookies. There were 2 of these in the box.


I’m not quite sure what flavour these were, myself and 2 of my kids thought they tasted like BBQ. I am not a fan of BBQ at all but I know lots of people are. These were kind of like little thin breadsticks. I liked the texture and crunch, just not the flavour but that’s just me.


I also got 4 different flavours of Umaibo in the box. Two of them I know were Corn Potage because of receiving them previously. I honestly am not sure what the other two were, I think the one was possibly something to do with octopus, as it had a kind of fishy taste.


I know this is a Mashuro. Fluffy marshmallow as I have received it before. I just can’t do marshmallow though, the texture always makes me cringe, I’m the same with the texture of bananas lol My kids assured me this was tasty though.


Also included was this Maken Gummi, this one was energy drink flavoured; they are soft and chewy and packed with flavour.


These Aerial are tasty cheesy corn snacks. They had a very light, crispy texture. It was quite a large bag too which is great.


Hana-suna were also another corn snack in the shape of flowers. I actually couldn’t discern any flavour with these. They had a nice, crispy texture and just a very, very mild flavour of something, it just wasn’t strong enough to recognise. I’d even say that they just tasted salty.

I think very young kids/toddlers would like these though due to them being so mild in flavour.


More savoury snacks in the shape of these tiny little corn puffs. They were quite salty and an ideal portion size.


This was another little marshmallow snack. My son demolished this in one mouthful; he seemed to like it!


Once again this Premium Curry Katsu was just not to our tastes.  Nothing wrong with the snack itself. It’s a curry corn snack and has a lot of flavour.


I have no idea what flavour this snack was lol It really looks like a flattened potato croquette, doesn’t it? It’s actually a rice cracker flavoured like a croquette.


I got another cute little Unchoko in the shape of a cute tiger this time. These contains little tasty balls of grape chocolate. They have a crispy outer shell and chocolate inside. I’ll also point out again that the name of this chocolate is a play on words between ‘chocolate’ and ‘poop’ lol


Carrot shaped and fun, containing tiny, sweet puffs of rice. Think Sugar Puffs and you’ll be more or less spot on.


Light, salty and crispy potato snacks shaped like French Fries.


This Tezukuri Ramune candy kit has everything you need to make your own candy. I’ve still to make one of these kits up. I must get round to doing it! Look at those adorable animal shapes that the moulds are in.


Lastly there was another bag of Curl. These are very cheesy, crispy and light corn snacks. You can see more of what they look like in my previous review here.

Overall Thoughts

This is a great box full of tasty savoury snacks and sweet candy treats. It has twice as many snacks as their regular subscription box and I like the fun aspect that you have no idea what you are trying until you pop it in your mouth and taste it. It’s a great size to share with several friends, or ideal for families too.

There is quite a nice balance between the amount of savoury & sweet snacks. I also like that you don’t get loads of really tiny bite size pieces. It’s mostly full-sized items that you can share and individual portions.

Everything arrives well packed and very fresh. If you do subscribe to the monthly subscription then you may get some snacks which are repeated in this box.

Often included are seasonal and/or limited edition snacks. So you might not get the exact selection that I reviewed but it will be of equal amounts and value.


Due to not getting an information card with this box, I do suggest that anyone with any allergies or special dietary requirements should go for the regular box instead.

The Fukubukuro box is usually offered to Freedom Japanese Freedom Fan Club (newsletter) members about once every couple of months.  It is also available on Amazon.

All of our boxes are curated with well over a pound of real Japanese snacks and candies. These snacks are delivered directly from our offices in Japan, directly to your front door, and will never see the inside of a container ship. Each box contains a mix of full size and single serving snacks, and we include many seasonal snacks which are not sold outside of Japan. Packages also include a hand-made, seasonal origami. Note: Contents of the box will change with the season and availability, but the quantity, quality and selection will always remain constant. – Freedom Japanese Market Amazon Store

More Information

The very friendly and helpful Ken at Freedom Japanese Market also kindly supplied me with this very useful information about Freedom Japanese Market for my readers.

  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • All products are shipped fresh from Japan.  These items have never seen the inside of a container ship.
  • Most of the items are sold exclusively in Japan.  Also, most boxes contain some limited edition snacks and candies that are only in Japanese stores for a month or two.  Note: The “Made for foreign market” versions of these products sold in most Asian markets are usually made in third-party countries, and shipped in container ships to different parts of the world.
  • An itemized list with pictures is included in each box, so you don’t have to read Japanese. 
  • About a pound of candy and snacks are packed into each box. 
  • We only ship products we would eat ourselves, and only send boxes we would be happy to receive as a gift.
  • You can subscribe through PayPal for maximum security
  • Club members can buy additional boxes and send them (to other addresses) as gifts.  Some companies use these boxes as corporate gifts or thank you packages for hard-working employees.  You can also get all of your holiday shopping done quickly this way!
  • You can create a gift subscription that sends a monthly care package to a friend or relative.
  • You can create a one-time payment for boxes sent out over 3, 6 and 12 months.  This is perfect for our German customers who have PayPal systems that do not allow online subscriptions.
  • Cancel at any time without fees or penalties.

There are several different subscription options available to you.

  • Puchi Pack – A mini version of the original subscription box. This smaller taste of Japan includes 5 to 8 Japanese snacks for only $12.99 a month. Free Shipping Worldwide!
  • Original Subscription Pack – Each box contains 12 to 16 full size and sample snacks, shipped directly from Japan for only $24.99 a month. Free Shipping Worldwide!
  • Family Pack – Double the snacks of the regular box so you can share with your family, office, or snack group. The $45.99 price includes Free International Shipping!

Alternatively you could order a one-off sample box to try or send one as a gift.

You can check out a full list of their services HERE.



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