Want to Inform Everyone About Your New Marital Status? Here's How a Name Change Could Help!
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Want to Flaunt Your New Marital Status? A Name Change Could Help!

AD | My wedding – hear these words, and you’re sure to get all the anticipation and jitters sneaking into your heart like never before. It’s also an exciting time to think about a name change too. From the time you get engaged until you exchange the vows, both the bride and groom go through a rollercoaster of emotions. They want to tell everyone and invite their closest friends and family to have a gala time on their D-day. However, thanks to the nasty virus, all these plans of merrimaking have not remained merrier like in the pre-covid times. There are restrictions that do not allow guests to flunk from across the world for our special day.

Want to Flaunt Your New Marital Status? A Name Change Could Help!

Instead of fussing over the situation, flaunting about your wedding on social media could help. This will allow everyone to know about the end of your singlehood! Moreover, the couple can also take a step further by making their marital status reflect on their names and undergoing the process of the name change. And this is not it; read on to know how the process can help your marriage in different ways: 

Here are 4 ways A Name Change Could Help

1. Proves the legitimacy of your marriage

Although an age-old tradition, some women continue to change their surnames to prove the legitimacy of their marriage. In some instances of crisis, such as when a spouse is hospitalised, the hospital might need a caregiver to authorise the treatment plan. Having the same surname is an easy way to prove that a couple is married. It also helps ascertain a sense of togetherness for the couple, validate their marriage by raising hopes to grow a family together as one unit.

2. Shows integrity of your alliance

When a couple wants to symbolise unity in their marriage, and neither of the two wants to give up on its family legacy, they can choose a double barrel surname. The new surname can combine both their surnames to form a hyphenated version. The need for two separate Deed Polls can be avoided in this process if the husband changes his surname to a double-barrelled surname before marriage. This allows the wife to change her maiden surname to match her husband’s double-barrelled surname by simply presenting proof of their marriage certificate.

Wedding Rings - Want to Flaunt Your New Marital Status? A Name Change Could Help!

3. Can symbolise uniqueness

Some newlywed couples don’t want to compromise with their uniqueness. So they choose to take the road not taken and mesh their surnames. For example, if George Wills married Lucy Bane, they may decide to mesh their surnames to become Mr and Mrs Wane. A couple can avoid the competition that can ensue from whose surname goes first and whose comes second.

4. Can be compatible with your professional reputation

When you choose to use each other’s surname as the middle name, you get to keep your old initials and maintain your professional reputation. This method doesn’t mess with your professional identity. You can choose to use or silent your middle name depending on the context and consent of your partner. You can notify the authoritative figures in your office to not mix the new name with the professional. This retains both the personal and professional reputation.


A name change is a legal process that can bind a relationship even more. However, one must adopt surnames wisely to symbolise unity in your marriage while also retaining your professional identity. Plus, a new name will automatically reflect that you just got hitched without inviting many guests over for your wedding. A safe way to announce your wedding!  

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Want to Flaunt Your New Marital Status? A Name Change Could Help!
Want to Flaunt Your New Marital Status? A Name Change Could Help!

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