Essential Glamorous Fashion Items You Can Break Out at a Special Occasion
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Essential Glamorous Fashion Items You Can Break Out at a Special Occasion

As we recover from Covid-19, social things such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are permitted once more. Given that we have all laid under a shell for the past 2 years, you will be forgiven for wanting to bust out your best and most glamorous fashion items that you know make you look good and feel even better.

For the most part, this means donning your favourite outfit and getting a blowout. Sometimes though, there are hidden gems that you might not dare to wear for fear of losing them. Or, you’re too worried that they might get damaged. It could even be because they are simply too valuable, both financially and sentimentally. However, fashion items are created to be worn.

Essential Glamorous Fashion Items You Can Break Out at a Special Occasion

Those Essential Glamorous Fashion Items

Your Best Jewellery

Fabulous jewellery can have a considerable impact on how you feel. Items don’t need to be expensive, and in most cases, jewellery usually means something to you. For example, you may have a diamond necklace or ring ( that you are afraid to wear because it was given to you by a relative who has since passed away. Items like this create a sentimental connection.

I mean, these items of jewellery were made to make you look and feel great, right? So why keep them hidden away? No one suggests that you do your weekly shop wearing Grandma’s high-carat diamond tennis bracelet. Still, expensive pieces like this can work for glamorous occasions like weddings. Whether someone else’s or your own.  

The Shoes You Couldn’t Really Afford

In the UK alone, the designer shoe market is worth over £5 billion. Brits love their footwear. It’s staggering to believe that the average price of a fashionable pair of high-end designer shoes can be over £700! I am sure some out there have spent more than they can afford. However, if you have indulged a little, you can let go of the guilt and wear them – at least once.

Perhaps there’s a wedding ceremony coming up. Dress to impress is the order of the day on most nuptial occasions. That doesn’t just apply to the bride and groom though. Receiving more compliments on your shoes than the bride does on her dress almost justifies the ridiculous price tag of those shoes you really couldn’t afford.

The shoes you couldn't really afford

The Dress You Juiced to Fit Into

Similar to shoes, you may have gone a little crazy on your dresses. It’s all too easy to spend a little more than usual on an online shopping spree. Especially when sitting at home during the lockdown. But while dresses can become expensive, they don’t need to be. The problem with clothing is that you often buy garments you have a problem fitting into, right?

We have all done it. Seen it, wanted it, got it without thinking about whether it will fit properly. This is when you consider exercising for the first time in years. But then you realise you don’t have the energy or the time to do it. So you start a juice diet in the hopes you can one day squeeze yourself enough into your new favourite dress. All so you can wear the dress to your friend’s garden party, or some other special occasion.

Do you have any glamorous fashion items that you splurged on but don’t wear enough?

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Essential Glamorous Fashion Items You Can Break Out at a Special Occasion
Essential Glamorous Fashion Items You Can Break Out at a Special Occasion

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