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MegaHome Water Distiller- The benefits of using a water distiller

I’m not one for drinking coffee or tea and never have been. However, I have always loved drinking water. The trouble is tap water can vary so much from region to region and even house to house in the same area. Not only that but despite being ‘clean’ it can still contain impurities. Using something like the Megahome Water Distiller is a really great way to ensure you’re drinking the purest, cleanest water possible.

Megahome Water Distiller
Megahome Water Distiller

Before using the Megahome Water Distiller I was drinking bottled water all the time. I will drink tap water if I have to but I don’t like to drink it. Heck, I even buy my ice cubes instead of making my own! Even then bottled water has impurities and can work out pretty pricey.

This water distiller produces around 4 litres of pure water in five to six hours. It’s incredibly easy to use too. Once you set it up, you just fill it with water, turn it on and let it do its thing. The cleaned water drips into the glass jug that you’re provided with along with the water distiller. It’s a nice and convenient size to fit in the fridge too but it might not be suitable for small fridges.

So what do you actually get when you purchase the Megahome Water Distiller?

What’s in the box?

You get everything you need for six months of distillation:

  • Water Distiller
  • Power cord
  • 4ltr collector bottle/jug
  • 250g residue cleaner
  • 6 active carbon filters

Distilled water takes a little bit of getting used to when you first make the switch. Trust me though, once you get used to it and then you drink tap water, the tap water will taste horrible. The first time you see exactly what the Megahome Water Distiller filters from your tap water, I think you will be shocked.

You can watch their video below which shows you an example. It’s pretty disgusting knowing I have been drinking these kinds of impurities every time I have had tap water!

The distilled water from the Megahome Water Distiller is 99.9% pure water. The water actually tastes ‘clean’ and it’s hard to describe what that is like but there is a really big difference to tap water and even to bottled water too.

Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, so naturally, it’s important to keep hydrated for our health. There are many benefits to drinking water and I would think the purer the water, the better. Of course, being such a skincare lover I have to mention that one of those benefits is that it’s great for your skin!

So How Does it Work?

I am sure you would like to know exactly how the water distiller ‘does its thing‘. Well, first, the water is gently boiled. This ensures that any bacteria and viruses are killed off. Most of the pollutants are left behind at this stage, thanks to this process. The steam coming off the boiled water is then captured in a stainless steel coil. This is where it then cools down and forms pure, distilled water. After passing through the final stage of an activated charcoal filter, any trace impurities still remaining are removed. So, what you are left with as the water drips into the glass jug is just clean, pure water.

So, What Do I Think?

I have been really impressed with the Megahome Water Distiller. The last time I had a water filter jug was over 15yrs ago and that doesn’t even come close to this distiller. I like the peace of mind that I am putting clean, pure water into my body and also my family’s body too.

We’re a household of 6 people and we all drink water every day. So it’s great that this produces a lot of water quite quickly. I can get around 8 litres a day distilled, which although not quite enough for the recommended daily intake of 2 litres per person, it is sufficient. Usually, because two people work full-time, so they are not around all the time to drink the water.

This is such an ideal size for average-sized families or couples though. I would really recommend taking a look at this distiller if you are thinking of purchasing one.

Where to Puchase

You can purchase this model or others from the Megahome Distillers website.

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Do you use a water distiller? Is it something you’d consider buying?

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megahome water distiller - the benefits of using a water distiller

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