How to change your wardrobe over from Winter to Summer
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How To Change Your Wardrobe From Winter to Summer

AD | A transitional wardrobe can help you navigate the different seasons throughout the year. Ideally, you need to curate a collection of clothing that can be worn throughout the seasons, with a few designated pieces for super cold or hot weather. Lightweight items and layering pieces can help you navigate the transitional months.

Now the weather is warming up; it’s the perfect chance to change up your wardrobe and bring your summer style up to date. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to change your wardrobe from winter to summer.

Tips for changing your wardrobe from winter to summer

How to store your winter clothes

Before you can start experimenting with summer clothing, you need to remove the winter items from your closet. Select your thickest jumpers, trousers, coats and winter boots and store them in a vacuum bag. Make sure you find a safe spot for your Winter thermals as well so you can use them next year. Store them under your bed or in the attic, so they are out of sight, out of mind.

Bring in some different styles

Now, look at what you have left in your wardrobe. Make sure everything still fits you correctly and remove the items that no longer fit your body type. It’s been a long lockdown; it’s okay if your body and style have changed!

If you’ve been eying up some trend pieces on Instagram lately, bookmark them. Find the pieces that fill any gaps in your wardrobe and suit your new sense of style. Try to opt for higher-quality classic pieces that you can wear for years to come and save the budget items for trend pieces. A classic linen shirt and wide-leg trouser is the perfect transitional outfit.

How to change your wardrobe over from Winter to Summer

The key transitional items

A trench coat is a perfect transitional item for those rainy spring days or slightly breezier summer afternoons. Choose a neutral colour, like black or khaki, so you can wear a lightweight jacket with many outfits.

A midi skirt looks chic with a knitted jumper or summer top. You can always pair it with some boots if it’s colder or a sleek heel for a night out. Opt for pieces that can be worn to multiple events so you can make the most out of them.

When it comes to colours, you need to find your signature colour palette. It helps to have a few neutral classic items along with some bolder accessories.

Enjoy your transitional wardrobe and have fun with it!

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How to change your wardrobe over from Winter to Summer
How to change your wardrobe over from Winter to Summer

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