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Inner Senses Bespoke Blending Service

I love facial oils and wouldn’t be without them in my skincare routine. When the lovely Lisa of Inner Senses offered to make me a Bespoke Facial Oil because I couldn’t find an oil that suited ALL my skins needs, I was really thrilled.

Due to having to take steroids, my skin had completely changed and I found myself having to ditch my whole existing skincare routine. I needed to find products for combination skin and breakouts. Honestly, it was like being a teenager again!

Inner Senses Bespoke Oil

I explained to Lisa how my skin was and what I wanted to achieve. Essentially I wanted a facial oil that would balance sebum, still hydrate but without clogging pores plus had anti-ageing properties too.

Lisa came up with a Bespoke Facial Oil and before she blended it, she told me what essential oils it would contain and then if I was happy, I could give the go-ahead for her to make it.

I love how my oil was packaged in the gold wrapping, making it feel that little bit special. The label on the bottle had my name and what the oil was formulated for printed on it. Really lovely personal touch. It’s always good to see oils in a brown bottle too, rather than clear glass.

Inner Senses Bespoke Oil

My Bespoke Facial Oil was a blend of essential oils of Geranium, French Lavender, Frankincense & Rose Absolute in a base of Rosehip, Calendula, Jojoba and Vitamin E Oils.

  • Geranium – Balancing and soothing
  • Lavender – antiseptic and soothing
  • Frankincense – highly rejuvenating and assists in the regeneration of skin cells
  • Rose Absolute –  balancing, relaxing and uplifting
  • Rosehip Oil – helps in the regeneration of skin on a cellular level and is a highly rejuvenating oil
  • Jojoba Oil – softening, moisturising, anti-ageing & protective qualities
  • Calendula Oil –  improve skin firmness and hydration
  • Vitamin E Oil – nourishing, regenerative and has antioxidant properties

After using the oil in my routine for over 2 months my skin is very balanced now. I don’t have many breakouts, maybe one or two hormonal ones but not every month. My skin is definitely plumper, it’s nicely hydrated and I no longer suffer from closed comedones.

Inner Senses Bespoke Oil

You can clearly see the difference in my skin. The Before photo on the left, with lots of breakouts, uneven skin tone. In the After photo on the right, there are no visible breakouts and my skin looks more even, hydrated and plump.

I also put the Inner Senses Bespoke Facial Oil to the test on my daughters’ skin too. She has a lot of closed comedones on her forehead, and some on her cheeks and chin. It’s really been helping balance out her oily skin too. When she uses it daily, you can really see a significant difference – though like any teenager, getting her to use it every day is not the easiest of things!

Oh, and before I forget, this oil also smells fabulous too! It’s also not a ‘greasy’ oil either. I would liken it to a dry oil and it absorbs into the skin really easily.

I would certainly recommend Inner Senses Bespoke service as I was very impressed with my oil and the service provided. If you don’t fancy a Bespoke Facial oil, then check out some of the other products that Inner Senses has on their website.

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How To Order A Bespoke Oil from Inner Senses

  • Inner Senses Bespoke service includes a consultation via email, WhatsApp or by phone. Following this, a face or body oil will be formulated according to your unique and specific needs
  • Within 7 days, your personalised oil, complete with personalised label, will be delivered to your door. Beautifully wrapped in the Inner Senses signature gold acid-free tissue paper
  • Prices start from only £25.

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Inner Senses Bespoke Oil


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