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Fabulift Fabulous Beauty Duo Review

So, a little while ago I was sent the Fabulift Fabulous Beauty Duo to try out and then review. The duo consists of Fabulift Fabulous Eyes 5 x 2ml Ampoules and Fabulift Fabulous Face 30ml with Hydra Boost Serum 30ml.

Fabulift Fabulous Beauty Duo

These products claim to give instant results so I was really intrigued to see if the claims were true and how well they would work on me.

Now, even though I am 45 years old, I don’t think I have that many wrinkles. I take good care of my skin, I don’t smoke, don’t expose it to the sun, so I really don’t seem to have aged too badly.

The photo of my right eye on the left is taken before using the Fabulift Fabulous Beauty Duo and the photo on the right is afterwards. The photo below of my left eye was also taken afterwards.

You can see in the before photo that I actually don’t have too many wrinkles, just some really fine ones but nothing significant. However, you can clearly see in the photo on the left that the area around and under the eye is noticeably smoother and the wrinkles I had have diminished significantly.

I was really dubious before using this product as to whether it really did work BUT as you can see from my results, it actually does what it claims to.

I am pretty sure that people with more defined wrinkles around the eyes would notice a more drastic result but I wasn’t working with much, to begin with. Given that, I think the results are really good.

I didn’t really notice any difference on the rest of my face but then again, I have zero wrinkles elsewhere and no sagging. My skin did feel firmer though.

You do have to be careful not to use too much of the Fabulift FabulousFace 3 Minute Miracle Advanced Formula Lifting Serum though. If you use too much you can get a powdery residue on your face. Really, only a very small amount is needed.

Fabulift Fabulous Beauty Duo

To achieve the best possible results from these products you need to use the Fabulift Hydra Boost Anti-Wrinkle Serum first all over your face and neck. This will give your skin a much-needed boost of hydration. You may feel a slight tightening/tingling sensation as the serum has the same effects as the FabuliftTM Fabulous Eyes and Face.

Fabulift Fabulous Beauty Duo

You can then use the Fabulift FabulousFace 3 Minute Miracle Advanced Formula Lifting Serum and ending with the Fabulift Fabulous Eyes.

Fabulift Fabulous Beauty Duo

These products contain many beneficial ingredients which help to plump, smooth, soften and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Ingredients:

  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Matrixyl 3000
  • Argireline®
  • Syn®-ake
  • Tetra peptide 7
  • Acai extract
  • Seaweed
  • Quercus alba bark extract
  • Perilla frutscens

Now, the only drawback  I see to this is that it really doesn’t work that well with make-up. I don’t wear make-up very often these days so it’s not an issue for me. However, I would say that this wouldn’t work as well if you use a lot of high coverage foundation and under-eye concealer.

Light coverage and powder work fine though.

I’m not sure how long the effects last as it was really hard to tell as the changes weren’t dramatic for me.

In my opinion, this is a great product for those that like little to no make-up and want their skin and eye area to look fresh, smooth and youthful. Perfect for someone like myself who doesn’t always get a lot of sleep and therefore, my skin overall can look tired but especially the eye area.

Where Can I Purchase Fabulift Fabulous Beauty Duo?

If you wish to purchase the Fabulift Fabulous Beauty Duo, you can do so on the Idealword.tv website:-

Official Website

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