Great Winter Gift Ideas For The Modern Woman

Winter is coming, and with recent weather events, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a casual season. The great thing about winter fashion and gifts is, they have both practicality and style in mind. The fall is going to arrive first, so this gives you a little time to prepare and shop around for the perfect style that suits your tastes. Many women find that shopping during spring and summer is a lot easier because there so many different styles and colours to choose from. However, in winter and fall, the colour spectrum dwindles down to very earthy tones. If this is your sort of thing you have nothing to worry about but if you’re inherently a little free-spirited, you’re going to want more. Just for this type of person, fashion lines have begun creating deep red and peach items that stand out from the background of gloomy weather and streets covered in dying leaves. There are so many options out there, all you need to do is be adventurous.

Perfume that leaps up

For those who are very fashion conscious, what you wear is important in more ways than one. It isn’t just the clothes you put on but the total package that you put together. Therefore how you smell is a big part of the outfit choices because fragrance brings the style of choice together with how you pull it off. How about the TOCCA Cleopatra Fragrance that comes in a smooth, small and wide leaf shape, no doubt representing the beautiful vegetation that surrounds the River Nile. It markets for less than $100 which means the ingredients aren’t lowbrow and yet well within many people’s price range. Inspired by the once queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was known for her love of pinks shades and tones, which went along with her golden headdress. The floral ambience the perfume provides would go great with that of a lighter style of clothing. Perfect for autumn where not every flower has died, and the sun is still shining, this perfume provides a great balance. Together with the floral tones, it also incorporates cucumber and the spirit of grapefruit to add a little twang and sharpness to the tail of the smell.

Wooly feet

Fashion doesn’t always have to be for when you’re out and about in public. We all need to get inside some good comfy slippers when we’re home. During the fall and winter, the floors in our homes are hit with the chills, and even a good pair of socks won’t save you from the cold. Therefore there’s only one way to go, and that’s wool. How about the UGG Australian Aira Knit Slip slippers that take inspiration from ugg boots. They are wide, so you can still wear a decent pair of socks without having to go barefoot just to fit inside. They have a thick and heavy lip, surrounding the entrance of the inner cavity which performs as a wind shear. This is great for going outside briefly because the thickness of the wool will catch any snow and or wind, and not allow your feet to get cold in the process. The zigzag pattern at the front is more than the just good show; it also performs in much the same manner. These slippers are truly built for the hearty winters, which take no prisoners.

great winter gift ideas

Image by – Engin_Akyurt

Trenchcoat for the lavish

Every person, whether male or female, needs to have a proper winter coat. Many people try valiantly to manage as per normal. Some just simply wear more layers, others try to wrap up warm with scarves and gloves. None of this is ever going to surpass a specific winter coat, designed to keep your warm and insulated from the frost, snow, hail and rain. For men, they have the overcoat and peacoat, but for women, you have the heavyset trenchcoats. The styles vary and truthfully, it’s purely a matter of choice as there are countless options out there to choose from. The normal winter colours for women are pink, baby blue and beige. You can opt for more masculine tones like blue, black and grey, but this is totally up to you. Trenchcoat differs from the men’s overcoat, by having more buttons, more often than not they’re double-breasted, and are slightly wider at the hips. The lapels are a lot higher and longer than men’s, but this is one of the points where the feminine elegance is distinguishable.

great winter gift ideas

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Shoulder bag

As the chills set in at the latter part of the year, fabrics of all clothes will start to become rigid. If you feel the need to carry a bag around with you which has room for your work, lunch and many other items, it’s time to delve into leather.  British luxury leather goods are some of the hottest products on the market when winter comes around. You can buy supreme shoulder bags which use only the highest quality leather, which won’t crack and yet, even when it’s chilly will remain flexible. They also give ample protect to whatever items you have inside. The straps are fully adjustable, and the strength of the handles and attachment points is such that the bag will always remain upright and by your side even when running. The bags also have a buckle which is both stylish and gives peace of mind that none of the things within has a chance of spilling out when the bag is tipped.

great winter gift ideas

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Leather boots

The knee-high boots are a great style tip for those who want to still wear skinny jeans during the winter. If the boot is made out of fabric, it’s more liable to becoming wet and absorbing a lot of water weight. However, leather is a great material that shrugs off both the cold and the rain. The leather is also great for winter because it blends well with long coats that are made from wool and cotton. The colour black is great for those with a little domineering side to their personality, but different shades of grey are tones you simply cannot go wrong with. Red or maroon is also an adventurous colour for you to wear, as in the Isabel Marant knee high boots, made from Lokyo leather. These boots do have a heel with a point, so make sure you’re comfortable with walking in them during the colder conditions. However, the heel itself is purposely designed to drive into the frost and grip the frosty pavement, so although it may not make sense to wear such items, all you need is a little getting used to.

great winter gift ideas

Source – PIXNIO

Chocolate hearts

Where would we all be without the sweet taste of chocolate on a cold winter’s day? Sulking and not wanting to get out of bed probably. This is why chocolate manufacturers are always trying to find the best way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, with a little slice of heaven. No more so, than in the capital of cocoa, Belgium. Generic choc should have no place in the cabinet during these colder months. What should take precedence are truffle hearts made with the highest quality butter and purest dark cocoa grains. Each heart is thick and dense, but ultimately melts in your mouth and crumbles when you bite down. This might be a bit of a connoisseur’s type of treat as the sugar levels are low, but the sharpness of the dark chocolate can taste slightly bitter. Great to have with a cup of tea during tea or lunch time, they would also melt down really well to become a part of a cake topping.

Image credit – David Berkowitz

Heating the home

Don’t you hate it when you come home from work, and the entire house is freezing cold? Sure, you have a central heating system, but more than likely it’s going to be of the older variety where physically tapping it is the only way to make changes. The Nest thermostat is great for everyone, as it’s simple, technologically advanced but very easy to use. You can also get a smartphone app that will have all the controls of turning the heat up or down, in separate rooms or the whole house in it. It also is a third generation design, which now makes it sleeker and lighter. The design has been improved to make it look more appealing as it hangs on your all. The display has also been improved with the different areas of information firmly distinguished with vibrant colours and great spacing. You can check the room temperature of the one you’re not even sitting in, by purely swiping through on your phone. The house is much better connected as a result, and you don’t have to physically get up in order to do such a basic thing as alter the temperature. A great gift for winter especially.

These are great ideas for winter, which aim to make the lives of people easier. You can find whatever is to your taste, but remember that winter gifts should always have some kind of practical use. It’s all well and good to look fantastic and stylish, but keeping warm and mobile is what makes a gift last longer.

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