7 Ways to get Summer Ready
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7 Ways To Get You Summer Ready

With summer fast approaching, we are all starting to get our gardens and home ready for the sunshine. But, what about us? We also need to get ready for the summer months. Let’s have a look below at some of the ways you can get yourself ready for summer. 

Look After Your Hair 

Your hair risks getting damaged by many things in the summer. From chlorine and sea salt damage, to been dried out by the sunshine your hair goes through a tough time in the summer. The healthier your hair is the more it will be able to cope with what summer has to throw at it, as well as looking great!. Make it a habit to condition your hair once a week with a hair mask or deep conditioner and it should help to keep it ready fro the sun. 

Look After your Hair - 7 Ways To Get You Summer Ready

Get Ready To Protect Yourself From The Sun 

Although sitting out in the sun for hours can give you a glorious summer glow. You need to ensure you have the right steps in place to protect yourself from it too. Too much sun exposure can be bad for you. You should make sure you have a pair of good sunglasses like Coach glasses, sunscreen to look after your skin and a lip balm to protect your lips. It’s also a good idea to make sure you plan some shaded areas in your garden so you can avoid the sun when you need to. 

Sort Through Your Medicine Cabinet 

Some of us need certain things to be in our medicine cupboard for the summer. These include things like hayfever tablets, creams for prickly heat, and sun cream. Chances are you probably still have some of these in your medicine cupboard from last summer, so it’s definitely time to give it a clear-out and restock. If there is anything you were hoping would be good to use again this year, be sure to check the dates and be certain it’s still alright to use. 

Look at your skincare routine

Look At Your Skin-Care Routine

Your skin in summer is completely different from your skin in the winter. If you have had to proactively fight dry skin through the winter with creams and oils you might need to consider something different for the summer. In the summer your skin tends to be a little less dry so you might need to hunt down a new product to use to help your skin. Or, try the no-makeup approach and give your skin a break while enjoying the sun. There are even some makeups that give you some SPF protection, such as foundations. 

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Your Deodorant 

You may have a favorite deodorant that you use or you may be considering changing to a natural deodorant. Either way in the summer you are more likely to need ot use more or a stronger version to keep the sweat at bay. If you’re changing to a natural deodorant try to do it now rather than later as your body may need time to purge itself of residual chemical, meaning your natural odor may change. Make sure you change it up well in advance of summer. 

Look After Your Feet 

Your feet have been tucked away and kept cosy in your warm socks through the winter so you may need some care and attention before the summer arrives. When it’s time to reach for the sandals, don’t forget to tackle your toenails and feet that have been left unattended through the winter. Now is the time to be more proactive with your foot care routine. Use a moisturizer at night time to help smooth out cracked heels. Give your nails and cuticles some attention and add yourself a new colour of varnish. The sooner you do this the better. Then when the sunny weather hits you’ll be well prepared for those open-toed shoes without panic. 



Detoxing your body at least once a year can do wonders for your health and body. While you wait for all the in-season summer produce to start appearing in-store, consider trying a detox with the best fresh produce you can get at the moment. Whether it’s adding a scoop of green stuff into your morning smoothie, upping the healthy bacteria in your system to help fight the winter bloat, or trying some new vegan dishes. Taking small steps now will give you a much-needed boost of energy to get out and about and enjoy the nice weather once it arrives. 

These 7 tips should help you to get ready for summer.

Is there anything that you do each year to prepare yourself for the nice weather? Please share them in the comments below.

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Detox - 7 Ways To Get You Summer Ready

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