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Tanning; Which Is the Safest Option?

AD | In the UK, the majority of the time we’re not exactly blessed with sun tanning weather. Although we’re the first to grab the sunscreen at any sign of sunshine because we want to protect our skin, we kind of want that glowing tan too. But as always with us here at Wido, safety is always our first priority.

When it comes to getting a tan on our skin, we’re quite happy to ‘fake it till we make it’, but only in very specific ways. Although there’s nothing quite like laying outside, basking in the sun with a book in one hand (and maybe a cocktail in the other), we’ve never stressed enough the importance of looking after our skin. 

Using SPF

SPF is a must for all of us Wido-ers. We recently looked into the harmful effects that prolonged exposure of the sun can have on the skin and we’re quite happy to lather on layers of the stuff to avoid just that! Did you know that the sun affects us 365 days of the year? That’s right! Even when the sky is full to the brim of clouds, the sun is still taking its toll on your skin. So why do we only reach for SPF on those rare, sunshine-filled days?

Tanning; Which is the safest option? SPF

Every day, we should be using at least SPF 30 on our skin. SPF helps us to reduce the risk of early skin-ageing, brown spots, wrinkles and can also be a cause of skin cancer if our exposure levels are extremely high and consistent. We choose to invest in a good SPF that protects us against both UVA and UVB rays because we want what’s best for our skin. 

Tanning Alternatives

Luckily, there are options available which mean we can still achieve a healthy-looking glow whilst keeping our skin in good condition, it’s just which route you prefer to go down.

First off, we have to say that sunbeds are a big no-no for us. They emit some of the same rays that the actual sun does so they can cause exactly the same kind of damage. These rays get all up and personal with us and we’re just not cool with that. But fortunately for us, there are ways we can work around the sun and tanning beds through both liquid tanning and spray tanning. So which one is best?

Liquid Self-Tan

You’ve most likely walked past the aisle of self-tanners in your local pharmacy store and been tempted to pick up a bottle or two. With your own mitt, a couple of sprays of tanning mousse or liquid can turn you into a bronzed goddess in no time. Most of these tans have an instant effect so are ideal for those special nights out or just for making yourself feel that little bit better. However, there are gradual tanners for those who may be a bit more new to the idea of self-tanning. A simple, tinted moisturiser that you apply daily to build up the tan. Perfect for those that don’t want a tanning mishap on their first try!

Tanning; Which is the safest option?

Spray Tans

Another option to go down is the route of spray tanning. You can head to your local salon and book yourself in for one, or if you feel comfortable enough, buy your own spray tanning machine as a little at-home DIY. You may need a spray tan booth and a friend that you can trust and has a steady hand, but the results can be fabulous! They can last for around 5-10 days, which could be perfect if you’re heading out on holiday and wanting to be extra sun-safe whilst still looking glowing. 

Would you be interested in a safer tanning alternative? Please take time and careful consideration in regards to suncare and remember to stock up on your favourite SPF and use daily, it’s important!

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