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Lin&Lo Mineral Make Up Eyebrow Pencil *

April 17, 2017 in Beauty, Make-Up - No Comments

If there is one thing that I absolutely suck at when it comes to makeup, it’s doing my brows. I see all these perfect brows on other people and no matter what I do, mine never seem to look flawless, heck, they don’t even look good.  I admit, that I was more than a bit apprehensive when I was sent a Lin&Lo Mineral Makeup Eyebrow Pencil to review.

There was a near panic moment, thinking how the hell am I going to show this on my brows?! The one thing I just can’t do well!

But, I’ll get to that in a minute. First, let me tell you about Lin&Lo Mineral Makeup.

Two inspirational make-up artists Alina Milas and Laura Bouilland are behind the revolutionary creation of Lin&Lo beauty products. Both are second generation beauty experts and are from families involved in the beauty industry. It is this background that has enabled them to create the Lin&Lo make-up brand that combines the highest standards of purity and is enriched in mineral ingredients. – Lin&Lo Official Website

The great thing about all Lin&Lo products is that even the most sensitive of skins can benefit from using them.

My skin is particularly sensitive and at 46yrs old, I’m definitely no spring chicken, so I want to be using makeup that not only looks good but that actually is good for my skin too.

The Lin&Low Eyebrow Pencil contains the following ingredients:-

natural waxes, hydrogenated oils, natural oils, fatty acid esters. (+/-): preservatives, antioxidants, sunscreens, fillers (e.g. talk, silica, alumina, kaolin, clay), dyes (inorganic pigments, lacquers)

This eyebrow pencil also contains natural antioxidants and is dermatologically approved.

I found the eyebrow pencil soft and you only need light strokes to apply.  Naturally, I have very dark eyebrows, so I have always found it very hard to find something that blends with my eyebrows and doesn’t look ‘too much’.

Like many, I was also guilty of over-plucking back in the 80’s and 90’s. I have been growing them out, but they are still sparse in places. Especially at the beginning of my brow. You’d never know but before I plucked my eyebrows they used to meet in the middle almost.

Lin&Lo Mineral Make up Eyebrow Pencil

Using the Lin&Lo Eyebrow Pencil, I was able to fill in my eyebrows pretty successfully. I was quite proud of the end result. I know it’s not a perfect Instagram brow but then I don’t really want that. I just want my brows to look as natural as possible but to fill in the sparse areas and give them a little more shape.

After all, eyebrows are probably the most important feature on your face. They frame your face and really can make or break your whole look.

Lin&Lo Mineral Make up Eyebrow Pencil

Now, as for the staying power of the Lin&Lo Eyebrow Pencil, I only wore it for about 4hrs or so. It didn’t budge in that time.

I will definitely be using this eyebrow pencil whenever I do my brows because I found it so easy to work with. I definitely need the practice too!


How Much Is The Lin&Lo Eyebrow Pencil?

Considering this is mineral makeup, I think the eyebrow pencil is pretty good value for money as it is only £14.00 RRP.


Where Can I Purchase The Lin&Lo Eyebrow Pencil?


Lin&Lo Mineral Make up Eyebrow Pencil

If you are interested in purchasing this Eyebrow Pencil, or any other Lin&Lo products, then you can do so by visiting their website:-

Lin&Lo Mineral Make up Eyebrow Pencil


Lin&Lo Social Media



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