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Perfect Beauty Products for The Perfect Father

June 20, 2020 in Beauty, Gifts - No Comments

It’s a universal truth for a lot of people that fathers are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. This uncertainty on what they’d like and appreciate often leads to many sons and daughters playing it safe for Father’s Day, offering simple gifts like a pack of socks, a wallet, or a belt. With Father’s Day fast approaching in the UK, now would be a good time to switch up the regular routine and get your father some products that he wouldn’t particularly expect and that would also benefit his health and appearance.

Male beauty products are becoming more and more acceptable and welcomed these days. However, there’s plenty of dads who might not think or consider on getting these products themselves, making them a thoughtful gift this Father’s Day but also for birthdays and Christmases in the future.

Perfect Beauty Products For The Perfect Father

Beard Oil

This is a gift for those burly, grizzly dads with a lot of facial hair. Beard oil is an essential item for individuals with thick beards as it helps with the maintenance of the beard and keeps it looking amazing. Just a few drops of oil a day can help alleviate and prevent dry skin under the facial hair, and it also prevents tangles, leaving the face far less irritated and itchy, regardless of length. Furthermore, beard oils are usually beautifully scented, helping men smell fresh and clean.

Face Scrubs

Face scrubs are really nifty pieces of skincare that men scrimp out from, so if your father’s only going to use one, make sure it’s at least an exfoliating one. These are excellent products for men because it helps with softening and toning the skin, repairing it somewhat and making them look healthier and younger. It’s especially useful for men who are outside a lot, or labourers, as it does a great job removing harsh grime and dirt from the face and pores, reducing the risk of blackheads appearing. Some of the top brands for men’s face scrubs include No7, L’Oréal and Dove Men. All these brands are available at Boots, and cheaper with Boots discount codes.

Eyes Creams

These are great products to help keep your father’s face looking vibrant and energetic. The areas around the eyes are one of the first places where lines and wrinkles appear, but thankfully a good eye cream can help reduce those lines, combating the ageing effect of them. However, fighting off wrinkles isn’t the only thing eye creams do, as they also protect thinner, fragile skin and tackle puffiness, while also reducing dark circles. It’s a great product to make your father look youthful.


Both facial and body moisturiser is a great gift for fathers as they help keep their skin from being overly dry or oily, which helps prevent flare-ups of acne or spots. A facial moisturiser can also be additionally useful if they contain SPF. This will help protect the face from exposure to UV rays which can be incredibly damaging to your skin and potentially your health.

What beauty products would you buy for your fathers?

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Perfect Beauty Products For The Perfect Father
Perfect Beauty Products For The Perfect Father

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