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Whitening Strips – Whiter Teeth In Just 14 Days?

Whenever I come across anything that claims to whiten teeth, curiosity always gets the better of me and I have to try it. This time I have been trying out Teeth Whitening Strips with Activated Charcoal.

I’ve tried activated charcoal in toothpaste form before but never as strips so I was pretty excited to see how these strips performed. They claim to leave you ‘with a brighter smile in 14 days ‘.

Premim Dental Whitening Strips

Each box contains 14 packets – 28 activated charcoal whitening strips. One strip each for your lower and upper teeth. They are peroxide free, enamel-friendly and easy to use.

To use the strips you have to make sure your teeth are clean and dry – use a towel or something similar to dry them. Then you apply the lower strip first, then the upper strip. I found it a bit fiddly the first couple of days and it was hard to keep my teeth completely dry when applying them. If they get wet when applying them, the strips become really slippery. I did get the hang of it though and it became easier for me.

Premium Dental Whitening Strips

The strips themselves are black and have no real taste to them or smell, which I appreciated. The lower strip has a long part that you fold over your lower teeth. All you have to do is wear them for 30 minutes and of course, no eating or drinking during that time. When the 30 minutes is done, you simply peel them off and you can then brush your teeth to remove any leftover residue from the strips.

my teeth when wearing them
Wearing the whitening strips

My strips usually just fell apart when removing them, the lower strip more so than the upper. My teeth just looked like I’d brushed them with black toothpaste after removing them. It was no hassle to just brush my teeth afterwards though and the residue comes off incredibly easy.

So Did The Whitening Strips actually Work?

So, the question is, did they actually whiten my teeth in just 14 days? Take a look for yourself.

Premium dental whitening strips, before, during and after 14 days of use
Before, during (7 days in) and after
results - before and after shots of my teeth
Before and 14 days later

As you can see my teeth are brighter and whiter. It isn’t a HUGE difference, but it is noticeable. I mean, I am 48 years old so my teeth have some mileage on them. I don’t smoke or drink tea, coffee or red wine though, which are some of the worst things for discolouring/staining your teeth.

If you consider that this is in just 14 days though, then personally I think that is pretty impressive.

I would definitely recommend trying these if you want to whiten your teeth without having to pay a fortune! They definitely get a BIG thumbs up from me!

I do also have a discount that you can use that will get you 10% OFF your purchase. Use the discount code: WHITENING when you purchase on Pro Teeth Whitening Co. on Amazon

Have You Tried Any Teeth whitening products before?

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