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Top Tips To Care For Your Hair

Our hair goes through a lot of daily abuse in the effort to make it look good. Protecting your hair’s health now could guarantee that you have a healthy head of hair well into old age. Here are some of the key top tips for keeping your scalp in good shape.

Comb Carefully

In an attempt to get rid of those tangles, many of us can be pretty rough on our hair when it comes to combing and brushing. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to comb wet hair and brush dry hair. When brushing those locks, work from the bottom up. This will reduce tugging on your roots and cause less damage. It’s also important to clean brushes and combs. These can breeding grounds for bacteria, collecting hair and oil from our heads that’s left to fester. You can clean these efficiently by using a mixture of baking soda and warm water.

Air Dry Hair When You Can

The healthiest way to let your hair dry is to leave it to dry on its own. Realistically, few of us have the time to do this except perhaps at the weekend. Hair-dryers will overheat your heat your hair and make it more brittle with regular use. If you can, use a cool setting to minimise damage. For drying hair with a towel, try to dab gently rather than rubbing vigorously as this too can cause damage. If your morning routine doesn’t permit any of these drying techniques, try washing your hair the night before instead.

top tips for hair care

Use Natural Products

In the long run, chemicals can have all kinds of nasty side effects on our hair including draining the colour and damaging the roots. Cosmetic companies such as The Big Fruit offer all natural hair remedies that could be worth trying out. There are also many home-made shampoo concoctions that you can try out from ingredients in your kitchen cupboards. Some people will even claim that washing their hair with egg yolk helps (the proteins help strengthen the hair). You can also go all organic with mousses, gels and dyes. Most cosmetic shops will have such products on display. Alternatively, you can find them online.

Don’t Wash Every Day

The most popular crime amongst us all is overwashing our hair. Using shampoo daily strips away vital oils that protect our tresses. There has been much debate amongst experts about how often you should wash your hair with some claiming that every other day is okay whilst others argue once a week is the only healthy option. The general agreed rule, however, is that cutting back from every day is good for your hair.

Overwashing is particularly worth avoiding if you have coloured hair as multiple washes can cause it to lose its sheen. Pureology is a great shampoo to use for those with coloured hair. If you used a dye from a hairdresser, consult them for advice on the best shampoo to use to keep your head healthy whilst keeping your hair’s colour.

Those are my top tips for caring for you hair. I hope you find them useful!

Do you have any top tips you’d like to share?

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