Unique Gifts For the Female Boss
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Unique Gifts For The Female Boss You’d Like To Impress


Celebrating a birthday or anniversary, especially if it’s for your boss, is a fantastic way to get to know someone more in-depth than when the standard rules of social discourse usually prevent it. If your boss is otherwise prickly, this might be a good way to get to know her because now the emphasis is on her. Taking the time to provide a thoughtful, tailored gift could help soften that workplace tension, or even get in you in good stead for that promotion.

Of course, purchasing a gift for someone purely for personal gain is never a good idea, because it’s a relatively manipulative action. But if you’re being considered for the role in the first place, a well-placed gift given during a special life event of theirs can help you in good stead. Plus, giving feels good in itself.

But what should you buy? In order to purchase a great gift for your boss, you need to be subtle, and not give them any cause to misconstrue the meaning. Purchasing them an annual package for a whiskey delivery service might seem nice on the surface, but it could be interpreted in the wrong way if your boss jumps to conclusions.

Instead, here are some of the best gifts you can purchase your female boss:


First, find a specialized service like Cuckooland to provide you with a great one. A hamper filled with a selection of beauty and skincare products, cold meats, wine, cheeses, and vegetables is a great, old-fashioned yet beautiful gift to give. It’s a gift that celebrates presentation and gives a large ‘wow factor’ by making a statement. Gifting this to your boss tells her that she’s worth the little details, worth giving something large to, and considered refined enough to enjoy its contents. Who doesn’t like food and alcohol? Despite the stipulation about alcohol above, it’s usually accepted easier when coupled with food. What a perfect gift!

Personalized Gifts

A personalized gift is always beneficial because it helps you give that person a feeling of importance. Your boss surely wants that feeling of importance. Just be sure to not accompany the personalized gift with any pictures you’ve found on their Facebook feed. They might not like the idea that you’ve trawled through their personal profile for it, and you might not choose a photo they like. If your relationship isn’t too strong, it might come across as forward. Use reason here for the best results.

A Gift That Respects Their Position But Also Pokes Gentle Fun

This doesn’t have to be overly gushing in its presentation, but a mug saying ‘I’m the boss,’ with a voucher for a clothes store might help them feel like they’re important, and it’s a nice enough gift to be taken humorously but not overly seriously. Anything that helps you put a smile on the face of your boss is a plus, so comedy gifts are great if they respect the authority of their position. If your boss is friendly, why not get a mug made with their catchphrase or some other interesting personality quirk they have and celebrate?

A Gift That Relates To An Interest

The best gift idea for anyone is to purchase them something they’d surely want, but not purchase themselves. If you know they’re into gardening, why not purchase them a variety pack of flower seeds to grow, or some home garden lighting equipment, or a redeemable cash allowance with a landscape firm? This shows that you’ve gone over and above in providing them with what they’d actually like to own, and that’s always a positive.

No matter what you buy, purchasing a good gift for your boss will show them that you care, and help you become looked upon fondly where matters of the office are concerned.

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