Make Your Own Skincare at Home Pamper Kit from Aromantic
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Make Your Own Skincare at Home Pamper Kit from Aromantic

We know that the skin is the largest organ of the body so it’s only natural to want to make sure that we are taking care of it. We have to make sure we are not using products with ingredients that will irritate or dry out our skin and we have to be careful about what we put on our skin. So it can seem a little daunting at first to think about making your own skincare products. However, if you use a kit like this At Home Pamper Kit (rrp £46.20) from Aromantic it makes it super easy.


This kit contains everything you need for 7 different products. You will make 4 of these and 3 of the products come ready to use.

  • Cleansing lotion 100ml
  • Base lotion 100ml
  • Organic Rose Hydrolat 100ml
  • Sachet of Peel-Off Olive Mask
  • Lumorol K 100ml
  • Apricot Kernel Oil 50ml
  • Himalyan Salt 50g
  • Organic Coconut Butter, Aroma Retained 50g
  • Plastic Measuring cup 30ml
  • Plastic Measuring spoon 2ml
  • Essential Oil in either Rosemix, Lavender or Blood Orange 5ml

Ready To Use Products

As I mentioned you get 3 products straight out of the kit that are ready to use. Those being a cleansing lotion, base lotion and an organic rose hydrolat, which is essentially a toner.

Cleansing Lotion - Make Your Own Skincare at Home Pamper Kit from Aromantic

Cleansing Lotion

This is a really lovely cleansing lotion that you can apply with a cotton pad or your fingertips. A damp sponge works well to remove it but I personally prefer damp cotton pads. I found this cleansing lotion to be non-drying too as it left my skin feeling quite soft and nourished. There was none of that tight feeling that you can sometimes get when a cleanser strips your skin too much.

Organic Rose Hydrolat - Make Your Own Skincare at Home Pamper Kit from Aromantic

Organic Rose Hydrolat

I love rose in my skincare and really enjoy using this toner. Use this after cleansing to remove any excess cleanser that may be leftover. It’s also great to decant some into a small spray bottle too. I spritzed my face during the day when I was feeling hot or just wanted to refresh my face. Brilliant for those menopause flushes!

Base Lotion - Make Your Own Skincare at Home Pamper Kit from Aromantic

Base Lotion

This is such a gorgeous lotion that can be used as-is or you can add more ingredients to it if you wish to. As it is of facial quality you can also use it on your face as well as your body. Even if you have sensitive skin! If you wanted to add essential oil to it, then you need to remove it from the bottle. Put it in a dish and add 10-15 drops of the essential oil, mix thoroughly and return to the bottle. I chose to just leave it as it came. It leaves the skin feeling really moisturised and feels quite luxurious too.

Made By You Products

As I mentioned, there are 4 products that you can make from the At Home Pamper Kit. Each and every one of them is super simple to make. There is no heating required to make any of these either. Everything just needs to be room temperature. The At Home Pamper Kit also comes with an easy to follow instruction sheet and all of the products can be made in just a few minutes. When I say a few minutes, I really do mean, just a few minutes.

Salt Scrub

Ingredients for the Salt Scrub - Make Your Own Skincare at Home Pamper Kit from Aromantic


  • 25ml Lumorol K
  • 10ml Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 30g Himalayan Salt
  • 1g (20 drops) of your essential

The salt scrub is super simple to make. Measure all the listed ingredients into one of the 2 tubs provided in the kit. Be sure to stir all the ingredients together until they are really well blended. That is it, you’re done. Just pop the lid on and voila, you have your own salt scrub! Before using it, make sure to give it a stir though as the ingredients tend to settle after a while. You can use the scrub before showering or whilst in the bath as the salts will just dissolve in the warm water. All you need is a small scoop and just massage the areas you want to exfoliate. It really does leave the skin super soft. It’s fantastic to use before using fake tan too!

Body Butter

Ingredients for the Body Butter - Make Your Own Skincare at Home Pamper Kit from Aromantic


  • 50g Organic Coconut Butter, Aroma Retained
  • 10ml Apricot Kernel Oil

Before making this body butter I highly recommend holding the tub of coconut butter in your hands to warm it up some. I didn’t do this to begin with and I did struggle a little with it. Using the last empty tub supplied, empty all of the coconut butter into it and the measured amount of Apricot Kernel Oil. It does take some working in using the back of a metal spoon but eventually, you will end up with a really smooth creamy texture. If you love the scent of coconut then you will LOVE this – it smells heavenly! I decided to add some of the Rosemix essential oil to it given I love rose. However, I had immediate regret as I much preferred the scent of just the coconut. I didn’t hate it, it’s just that I preferred the natural scent of the coconut. It makes such a gorgeous body butter though. You will not only feel amazing, but you will also smell amazing too!

Massage Oil


  • 30ml Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 10 drops of essential oil

All you need to do to make this massage oil is to put the 10 drops of your essential oil into the remaining apricot kernel oil. Just shake the bottle to make sure it’s well mixed. I loved the subtle scent of the rosemix when massaged into the skin. It makes a really gorgeous massage oil, now the only difficulty I have is finding someone willing to give me a massage! Haha!

Peel Off Olive Mask

Peel Off Olive Face Mask - Make Your Own Skincare at Home Pamper Kit from Aromantic


  • 15g Peel Off Olive Mask
  • 45-50ml Water

You get enough of this to make 2 rubber peel off Olive masks, so you only need 15g emptied into a bowl. It’s worth mentioning that you can switch the water for the same amount of the organic rose hydrolat if you want to. Now, I will be honest with you, I absolutely suck at making and using rubber peel off masks. You need to be really quick mixing this and applying it – I failed at both! Hence why I don’t have photos because I didn’t have time to take them.

I’ve tried other rubber masks before and I was just as bad using those, in fact, most didn’t even make it to my face! I think I struggle because my hands aren’t the best as they are often swollen and painful, which makes doing anything quick a bit tricky to say the least. Especially doing anything that requires speed. I am sure the majority of people would not struggle as I do though. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I have better luck when I do the second mask.

My Thoughts on the At Home Pamper Kit by Aromantic

Make Your Own Skincare at Home Pamper Kit from Aromantic

I’ve not really done anything like this At Home Pamper Kit before and I had such fun making the products. Even when I failed at the peel off mask, it was still so much fun to try! I loved that nothing was complicated and that everything only needed to be done at room temperature. The instruction leaflet is very easy to follow too and also provides information about the products.

You do end up with some leftover ingredients too, so you could potentially use them towards making something else. Using this kit definitely made me want to try making more products. I can really see the attraction of doing this kind of thing on a regular basis.

This isn’t the only kit that Aromantic have either. They have quite the selection of products that you can make at home. I think this kit or any of their other ones would also make such a great gift for someone too. I would be so happy to receive something like this for a Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas gift, or even as part of a bigger care package or pamper box. It’s just so enjoyable and you actually get products you can use for a few weeks at least when you’re finished.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase this kit, as well as many others and lots of other products and ingredients on the Aromantic Website.

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What do you think of this At Home Pamper Kit? Would you make your own skincare?

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