Fun Alcohol Gifts For Your Family This Year
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Fun Alcohol Gifts For Your Family This Year

Christmas is a time for giving – and often giving involves a little tipple. So, if you want to show your family how much you care this Christmas, then get them something special. Some fun alcohol gifts can be a great choice. Plus you can tailor them to the person you are buying for. 

Today I’m sharing with you some ideas for fun alcohol gifts that you can buy for your family this Christmas. These gifts will help them make the most of the festive season and get a little bit merry! 

Fun Alcohol Gifts For Your Family This Year

5 Fun Alcohol Gifts To Give

1. A Homemade Baileys Chocolate Bomb 

One fun DIY gift you can make for your family this Christmas is a Baileys chocolate bomb. A hot chocolate bomb is a great gift and super easy to make. All you need is a semi-circle silicone mould, some chocolate, cocoa powder and fillings. You can then make a brilliant gift for your loved one. Melt some chocolate and pour into the mould to make a thin dome. Chill and remove. Warm a plate in the microwave and flatten the rim of the chocolate with it. Fill one half with cocoa powder, marshmallows and other fillings. Seal the bomb and gift with a mini Baileys bottle for the perfect winter drink! 

2. Some Fun Liqueurs 

There is nothing better for an alcohol lover than to be able to try some new elegant fruity liqueurs. If there is someone in your family who loves spirits, a gift of some mini liqueurs is ideal. So your family member can try each of them out. You can even throw in a mixer with your gift and glass that they can use! 

3. A Wine and Glitter Glass Set 

For the wine lover in your family, one brilliant gift would be to make your own glitter wine glass. You can gift this along with a bottle of wine. To make your own glitter glass you need some glitter, glue, and a good quality wine glass. Keep it simple with a rim of glitter. Or go a little more adventurous and try to spell out a name. This is is a fun, albeit messy, DIY but is such a lovely gift to give someone you love. 

Fun Alcohol Gifts For Your Family This Year

4. A Pale Ale Keg

For the beer lover in your family, you might think that the only gift you can buy is a box of beer or ales. However, there are beer kegs that you can buy for your family member that will allow them to pour themselves a drink on tap. This makes it a fun experience especially with the current pandemic and will make them feel as if they are getting a pint from the local pub! 

5. A Cocktail Making Kit 

If you have a friend or a family member who loves to experiment with the flavour and colour of drinks – a cocktail making kit is an ideal addition to their home. Consider buying a cocktail shaker, spoon, some syrups, and even a citrus juicer to allow them to create some lovely drinks for you and the rest of the family. 

Alcohol doesn’t have to just be a bottle of wine, you can buy some wonderful gifts for your family this year and show that you care with a tipple. 

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