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Last-minute Gifts for Her – That Definitely Won’t Look Last-minute

December 14, 2020 in Christmas, Christmas, Gifts, Lifestyle - No Comments

When you picture a last-minute gift, maybe you think of a bunch of flowers from the nearest garage or a generic gift pack of toiletries and smelly things. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Sometimes the reality is that gifts end up being a last-minute purchase. Life gets in the way, you forget or you just can’t think of anything, even as the clock is slowly ticking down. But even though you’re short on time to find something, you can still buy a thoughtful present that will be appreciated – and even get it delivered with same-day or next-day delivery if it even needs to be delivered at all. Here are some ideas that won’t leave you in hot water.

4 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Beautiful Jewellery

For women who like to wear pretty things, jewellery can be a fantastic choice for a last-minute gift. You generally don’t need to get the size right, unless you’re buying a ring, so you can easily pick something up in a jewellery store or online. Of course, it helps to know her tastes. Will she like the simplicity of Hot Diamonds bracelets or does she like something a bit more flashy? If you’re not sure, take a look at the jewellery that she already has. It can help you to identify similar pieces.

Last-minute Gifts for Her – That Definitely Won’t Look Last-minute

A Thoughtful Experience

A gift doesn’t have to be a physical item. It can be a promised experience, whether it’s a trip or a meal at a fancy restaurant. You might get someone an experience by buying them a voucher that can be redeemed or tickets to an event that they can use. Sometimes experiences are best when offered with the understanding that she can take whoever she wants, but sometimes it might be an experience for both of you to enjoy together. Think about what she has said she wants to do or the kinds of things she usually likes.

A Personal Subscription

A subscription can be another great gift that doesn’t need to arrive straight away. When you get a gift subscription, you might get something to print out, so you will still have something to give on the day before the first instalment of the subscription arrives. Subscription services can be pretty much anything these days, so you can find one that’s personal to her. You could get her anything from a cheese of the month subscription to a jewellery subscription or a monthly cactus.

Last-minute Gifts for Her - That Definitely Won't Look Last-minute

A Gift Card – for a Store She Actually Likes

Gift cards can often come across as impersonal, but it’s easy to make them a more personal gift. By choosing a gift card for a store that she likes or one that relates to a hobby or interest she has, you can make it a less generic, “couldn’t think of what to get you” gift. It allows her to buy something she wants or needs and you avoid getting it wrong by trying to buy something specific.

Last-minute gifts don’t have to be bad or thoughtless. There’s always time to find something more meaningful that she’s sure to like.

Last-minute Gifts for Her – That Definitely Won’t Look Last-minute
Last-minute Gifts for Her – That Definitely Won’t Look Last-minute


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