Dream Home Improvements

My Perfect Dream Home Improvements

There is many a time when I like to think about what my perfect dream home improvements would be. I guess my taste is actually quite minimal; with lots of open spaces and pristine white walls. In general, the less clutter the better though.

Light is also a big factor as I do like a lot of light in a room too. It helps to keep my mood up, which is good for mental health. I also find I’m more focused in a room that has a lot of natural light coming into it.

Colour can be really good if used well but I try and avoid any bold colours. They can work well as a focal point in a room though. Years ago I would always choose quite striking colours. Now though I much prefer light, natural colours.

Dream Home Improvements

Hutomo Abrianto

Office Space

One of my dream home improvements would be to create a really nice office space. It’s not really a practical idea for me being bedridden BUT it doesn’t stop me dreaming and coming up with ideas!

Office space definitely requires a lot of natural light, at least for me. So I definitely want some really contemporary aluminium windows to maximise the light. Also, the windows would keep drafts out during the colder months. I definitely wouldn’t want to be working in a draft all day!

Having the windows done would definitely be an investment for years to come too. Plus, as much as I want the interior of my house to look great, I also want the exterior to look good too.

The desk would have to be a minimal design too.  Brightened up by adding some colour with a nice green plant – one that I stand less chance of killing lol 

Dream Home ImprovementsIgor Son


Another improvement I’d like to make would be to add a conservatory to the back of the house. It would just add so much more space. The house gets the sun in the morning whilst it’s still cool. By afternoon the sun has gone over, so it’s shady out the back by the time the sun is at it’s hottest. It’s kind of perfect for me as I’m not a sun lover. I do love the idea of more space though. Somewhere that you can just curl up on a comfy chair or sofa with a good book, whilst having a view of the garden.


The bathroom is high up on my list for improvements. I have a wet room at the moment. Whilst practical it really needs to be a much bigger space than it is now. The room at the moment is TINY. Even taking out the bath to accommodate the shower didn’t give any extra space. So fitting a bath again, as well as a walk in shower would be really fantastic. I can’t take a bath but I really hate that the rest of my family had to forego their bath so I could have a wet room. So being able to have a bath in the bathroom again would be so good.

Dream Home Improvements
Jose Soriano


There are lots of other things that I would love to improve too but those are the main ones. Any other changes would be small aesthetic ones.  You know all the little finishing touches that bring a room together.  I always quite enjoy browsing through Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. There are so many gorgeous images to look at. Putting together Pinterest boards is a really great way to save any images that give you ideas or inspiration for your own home improvements.

Have you got any dream home improvements you would love to make or have you already made some?


Sarah loves creating beauty content but also writes about health & lifestyle. She has several chronic illnesses that impact her life in many ways. It's made her a big mental health advocate.