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Honey, Have I Got A Treat For You!- March Treatbox Review

Oh, I’m full of bad puns for the March Treatbox! I just can’t help myself because I am literally buzzing over the new changes and this months theme!

First off, your Treatbox now comes in a protective see through cover to protect it from all the elements, ensuring you get your box in pristine condition. I think this is a fantastic idea and I’ve not seen any other letterbox friendly box do this. So a BIG thumbs up to this addition!

March Treatbox March Treatbox

The next change is there is now an informative colour A4 sized print. On one side you have information about what’s in the box and a little background on the brand or person behind each item too. With colourful images and illustrations that match the theme of the box, this is a great addition.

On the other side, you have the monthly calendar, as pretty as always, themed to match the main box theme.

These are really lovely changes and I especially like that you can now read about each brand behind the items in the box.

March Treatbox March Treatbox

If you haven’t already gathered from the photos so far and my extremely lame puns,  the theme of the March Treatbox is very definitely all about Bees!

March TreatboxMarch Treatbox

This is a rather gorgeous print and the quote is cute, even if it is a little corny. I also really like the geometric soft buttery yellow shapes used to look like honeycomb too.

March Treatbox

I love these 2 greeting cards. Such simple designs but cute, fun and sure to brighten anyone’s day. Both of these and the graphic print previous are designed by Angie, from 

Angie also has an Etsy shop too and also does other designs like logos, stickers, wedding stationery and more.

March Treatbox

Believe it or not, this pretty navy floral bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. Who would have thought you could have made something like this from old plastic bottles. I really like the bright floral pattern on this. Would be perfect to use as a wash bag, makeup bag, well anything you’d like to use it for really.

March Treatbox

I think that it’s brilliant that some wildflower seeds were included in the March Treatbox. We definitely need to look after the bee population and invite them in to our gardens by planting flowers that will attract them.

I also know that the taste of the honey varies depending on what flowers & plants the bees collect their pollen mostly from too. This collection of seeds has been selected to attract not only bees but butterflies too. It includes 20 varieties from the Royal Horticultural Society Perfect for Pollinators list.

Just love this and even though I am not able to plant these myself, they will definitely be planted in my garden.

March Treatbox March Treatbox

This adorable nail clipper and emery board is such a fab idea. The nail clippers sit in the middle and the rest is an actually emery board. Drop this into you bag or work desk and if you break a nail, you can not only clip your nail but you can file it smooth too. Such a brilliant idea – plus the cute packaging with the bee illustration & daisies looks so sweet.

March Treatbox

At first I thought this was a bar of white chocolate but it is in fact a bath melt. It’s made by who are committed to making only 100% natural skin care products.  They actually work directly with British beekeepers and bee farmers to carefully harvest the honey and beeswax that they use in all their products.

You can find this bath melt on their website, along with other products such as balms and candles. To use this bath melt, you simply snap off a few squares and melt in your bath water. As it melts in turns into a bath oil and releases the infused honey, along with the Shea and cocoa butters.

March Treatbox March TreatboxMarch Treatbox

I’ve loved honeycomb since I was a little girl. So when I saw this Salted Caramel Honeycomb bar in the March Treatbox by Mighty Fine Honeycomb, my eyes lit up.

Kit & Ross of Mighty Fine have dedicated over 1000 hours to perfecting their recipe and it shows. This bar was delicious and the honeycomb was sheer perfection. It had such a great crunch and honey taste and the caramel infused Belgian chocolate encasing it was just gorgeous too. You could taste the salted caramel but it didn’t overpower the honeycomb, just blended beautifully with it.


Overall Thoughts About The March Treatbox

March Treatbox March Treatbox March Treatbox March Treatbox March Treatbox

Sorry for the picture spam but I’m just in love with everything from the March Treatbox! The new changes/improvements were just great. It’s till the same Treatbox I know and love; just even better!

This bee/honey themed box is a great pick for March. We’re finally starting to see some sunshine and spring is upon us. So it’s a great box to get us into the mood for the nicer weather and appreciate the nature around us and how important bees are. Not only for their honey and beeswax but for the fact that they help to pollinate the plants and flowers too.

If I had to pick a favourite item from the March Treatbox, then I think it has to be the Mighty Fine Salted Caramel Honeycomb Bar. It really was outstanding!

Every single item was really beautiful though and went so well together with the whole theme for this month.

So, hats off to Zoe and her team for another exceptionally gorgeous Treatbox this month.


Where Can I Purchase Treatbox?

You can sign up for Treatbox on their website, or just buy a one-off box, or even build your own.

Treatbox – Website

  • £12.00 per month with a subscription
  • £12.95 one off box
  • £21.95 – 10 products Build Your Own
  • £16.95 – 7 products Build Your Own
  • £13.95 – 5 products Build Your Own


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