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Your Guide To The Perfect Cocktail

October 23, 2020 in Lifestyle - No Comments

There is nothing better than a tasty cocktail! If you are like most people, you will love going into a cocktail bar and assessing all of the various options on the menu. However, nothing beats the moment you actually get to taste the mixture that has been made. No matter whether you are a fruity fan, a chocoholic, or you prefer something with a bit of cream, there is a perfect cocktail for all tastes and all types of people. 

First and foremost, let’s begin by assessing what makes a good cocktail bar. Of course, the main component has to be the drinks themselves. The best cocktail bars are those that offer more than the standard cocktails you get everywhere, such as Sex on the Beach and Cosmopolitan. It is a place that is not afraid to experiment and offer you an array of different mixtures. After all, half the fun of having a cocktail is choosing something different and experiencing a new taste.

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Nevertheless, good cocktails alone are not enough. The cocktail bar must boast the right atmosphere. The ideal cocktail bar is typically one that is comfortable yet chic. People want to feel like they are having a drink in a special place. Yet, they don’t want to feel intimidated. Creating this balance can be quite difficult, but it is something the best businesses have managed to achieve with their cocktail bars. 

The last ingredient that needs to be considered when it comes to the perfect cocktail bar is the overall execution. This relates to everything from how the cocktails are presented, to the music playing, to the service provided by the bar staff. The glasses make a difference as well. There are specific glasses for specific drinks, for example, champagne cocktails are presented in a flute whereas gin cocktails come in specialty gin balloon glasses. It is all of the little finishing touches that come together to make the place in question unique.

Your Guide To The Perfect Cocktail

You cannot have a proper cocktail bar without a Mixologist. Your mixologist will be the creator, responsible for creating unique concoctions that cannot be found anywhere else. We have found some crazy cocktails online! This includes ‘Bangers & Mash’ – this is a cocktail containing Macha Powder, Compressed Citrus, Horseradish Infused Gin, Gomme Syrup, and Egg White. Or, what about ‘Pig & Cheese’ instead? This contains Homemade Blue Pig Syrup, Compressed Citrus,  Black Label Scotch, Cointreau, Wormwood Bitters, and Blue Cheese Foam. Can you honestly say you have heard of more original cocktails than this? 


All in all, top cocktail bars have their Mixologist to thank for the majority of their success. ‘Mixology’ is a term that is used to describe the higher study of mixing cocktails and drinks. A Mixologist is not your average bartender. Therefore, whenever you are looking for a quality cocktail bar this is what you should be looking out for. Otherwise, you are merely going to end up with a mixture of vodka and orange juice which is being passed off as a ‘cocktail’. 

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Your Guide To The Perfect Cocktail
Your Guide To The Perfect Cocktail

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