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The Best Glasses For Your Head Shape

Let’s face it, the day we’re told we need glasses isn’t one of those moments we long for! At the end of the day, we feel that we don’t look good, or it interferes with our style somewhat. Or we just have to pick poor quality glasses that make us look like some meagre secretary. However, you don’t have to settle for the poor quality glasses or the cheapest on the rack. The trick is actually about picking the right glasses to suit the shape of your face.

Rectangle Face

If you’ve got a rectangular face, you might have a longer face with a square chin and a prominent jawline. Large and square frames suit this particular shape because it helps to make the face appear shorter.

Square Face

Similarly, a square face has a very strong jawline, but usually with a broad forehead. Narrow frames that have more width and depth help to soften those angles. There are various options for this type of frame, is one of many that has stylish frames in abundance. Remember, when it comes to professionals, they’ve seen it all before so they can give you sage advice if you are feeling particularly self-conscious.

Round Face

A circular face, especially with full cheeks, needs a frame to make the face look longer and narrower. Picking narrow and angular frame styles help to make the face look longer. But picking something with a clear bridge will help emphasize your eyes.

Oval Face

This is described as the ideal shape, as it’s in proportion. But you need to pick frames that are slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. Although, luckily any frame design is suitable.

Triangle Face

As the name describes, a triangular face has a wider forehead. Trying to minimize the width of the forehead helps to bring some balance back into the face. You can do this by getting frames wider at the bottom. Also, choose lighter colours, or even rimless frames to help balance everything out.

Diamond Face

If you got a diamond-shaped face, you are a rare breed. The typical features include a narrow forehead and chin, but with wide cheekbones. You need to draw attention to your eyes if you got this shape and use frames that have distinctive brow lines. Oval shapes work well too.

Pyramid Face

Another rare face shape with a narrow forehead, it gets wider at the cheek and again at the chin, it’s all about drawing attention to the upper parts of the face. Cats eye shaped frames help a lot and go for more striking colours to bring your face back into balance.

You also need to consider how to match your hair colour to suit your face, you can find out more information about this on, but as soon as you know the shape of your face, you can pick the best glasses, so you don’t look as fashionably awkward as you feel!

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