Degusta Box Contents September 2020
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Degusta Box Contents September 2020

Can you believe that we are heading towards the end of October? Me either! Anyway, today I have the Degusta Box contents for September to share with you!

Now, if you are new here and have never heard of Degusta Box UK I’ll quickly explain what it is.

Degusta Box UK is a monthly subscription box that contains between 10-15 items each month, most of which are new to the market. You can read some of my reviews for previous boxes here. It costs £12.99 per month. You can also find a discount at the end of the post. So, that means you’ll pay just £9.99 for your first box!

What’s In The Box?

Septembers box was all about family sharing and home cooking. So let me show you the Degusta Box contents.

Hartley's Jelly Pots - Degusta Box Contents September 2020

First up are these Hartley’s Jelly Pots (rrp £1.65). The kid in me will always love jelly and I love these jelly pots. They’re just so handy to keep in the fridge for when my grandchildren visit.

McVitie's V.I.Bs - Degusta Box Contents September 2020

There’s always something I find comforting about chocolate biscuits and these McVitie’s V.I.Bs (rrp £1.70) are just yummy. They are really delicious.

Peter's Yard Original Sourdough Crispbread - Degusta Box Contents September 2020

We had a gift of these Peter’s Yard Original Sourdough Crispbread (rrp £2.95 105gm) amongst this months Degusta Box contents. Lovely, crispy and a really nice change from my usual choice of crispbreads. So, I could see us buying them in the future.

I really enjoyed the EMILY Veg Thins (rrp £0.79) I actually didn’t expect to like them anywhere near as much as I did. Crispy, tasty and quite moreish.

Amy's Kitchen Organic Vegetable Barley Soup - Degusta Box Contents September 2020

Vegetable soup is actually my favourite tinned soup and I really loved this Amy’s Kitchen Organic Vegetable Barley Soup (rrp £1.89) It was packed full of flavour and perfect for this time of year too.

Naked Five Minute Noodles - Degusta Box Contents September 2020

These quick and easy Naked Five Minute Noodles ‘Japanese Chicken Yakisoba (rrp £1.00) went down well with my son. To be fair all my family love this kind of packet noodles. So, this will definitely be purchased in the future.

How About Some Tasty Treats?

RHYTHM 108 Sweet 'N' Salty Almond Bar - Degusta Box Contents September 2020

Bars like this RHYTHM 108 Sweet ‘N’ Salty Almond Bar (rrp £1.49)are always well received by my sons. So, unless I grab one for myself I usually don’t get a look in!

Thatchers Cloudy Lemonade - Degusta Box Contents September 2020

This is the first time I have ever tried anything from Thatchers and I was really impressed. I’m not a massive lover of cider but I really enjoyed this Thatchers Cloudy Lemonade Cider (rrp £5.50 4pk). So, I could definitely see me drinking it again.

The only thing that stopped me really enjoying these Nakd Drizzle Chocolish Bars (rrp £3.00 multipack of 4) was the fact they have nuts in them. Otherwise, I would have loved them.

It’s the same for this Whitworths Chocolate Biscuit & Hazelnut Treat Mix (rrp £2.00). I love dried fruit, so when I first saw this I was so pleased then I noticed that it had nuts in it. So, it was a no for me. Apparently, it was delicious though!

I really enjoyed this Lucozade Revive (rrp £1.49). It has such a lovely flavour and was really refreshing straight from the fridge. So, I would definitely purchase it in the future.

This was another bar that I couldn’t try for myself, the FULFIL Chocolate Hazelnut Whip Bar (rrp £2.00) due to the nuts. However, I was told it was really nice and chocolatey & tasted great with the hazelnut flavour.

Last but by no means least is the St Lawrence Gold Pure Canadian Maple Syrup (rrp £1.00). I don’t actually like Maple Syrup myself but everyone else in the family does. So, they all tried it and said it was lovely.

My Overall Thoughts on the Degusta Box Contents for September 2020

There was a nice variety of products in this box. For me personally, there were quite a few I couldn’t eat but we’re a family of six, so it’s very rare that no one likes anything. Honestly, as soon as the box gets delivered they all dive in as I’m trying to open it, claiming things that they want! Makes me laugh every single month as they’re not kids. They range from 17yrs to 27yrs old.

My favourite products were the Thatchers Cloudy Lemonade Cider and the Revive Lucozade and the EMILY Veg Thins.

Where Can I Sign Up To Get My Own Box?

Want to try out Degusta Box yourself? Then you can get your first box for £9.99 (rrp £12.99). Just click the banner or link below and use my Code: 062OO (*affiliate link) at checkout.

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Degusta Box Contents September 2020
Degusta Box Contents September 2020

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