4 Fashion Items You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap

When you’ve got a bit of a shopping habit you need to look for bargains to make sure you don’t bankrupt yourself. Finding the cheapest deals on clothes is great, but you’ve got to think about the quality as well, otherwise, you just end up replacing stuff all the time and you aren’t really saving that much money. There are certain things that are fine to buy cheap but some things you need to spend a little more money on if you want them to last. These are the fashion items that you shouldn’t try to make savings on.



Jeans are a great wardrobe staple when you aren’t too worried about putting together an outfit. They go with a lot of different stuff and they’re comfortable so you should always have a couple of good pairs. You could always buy cheap but the thing is, a good quality pair of jeans should last you years, if not decades. The cheaper jeans you can get probably won’t be all denim and they’ll wear and rip a lot quicker. But if you splash out on a high-quality pair of proper denim jeans and look after them properly, they’ll last you forever.



A good piece of jewellery will set you back a bit but low-quality jewellery is a nightmare. At the very least, it’ll just break but if you get some really cheap stuff, it can corrode when it comes into contact with your skin and start to turn green. There are some good online retailers like James Allen (you can find a review of them here: who offer good quality jewellery at a fairly high, but still reasonable price. The key when buying jewellery is too choose wisely and pick stuff that will go with a lot of outfits. That way, instead of having loads of cheap stuff, you’ve got a choice selection of good quality jewellery that you can match with a lot of outfits.

Jackets And Blazers

Jackets and blazers are great to have in your wardrobe because you can pair them with a pair of nice trousers for a more formal outfit, maybe for work, or you can pair them with jeans for a great casual look. The main thing to remember when you’re buying a jacket or a blazer is the fit; if the fit isn’t right, it’ll look terrible. That’s why it’s much better to pay a bit more money for a fitted one rather than just grabbing a cheap one off the rack. If you spend some money on quality it’ll last you a lot longer as well. Check out for a guide on fitting a blazer before you go out to buy one.

Skin Products


When you’re putting products on your skin, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best quality that you can. If you go cheap, you risk buying products that are irritating to skin and could even cause allergic reactions in some cases. It’s much better to pay a bit more money for better skincare products to avoid any problems.

If you go cheap on this stuff you’ll just end up having to replace it all again soon anyway so it’s better to splash out and go for the quality.  

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