7 Important Tips For Finding A Property That Is Almost Perfect For You

7 Important Tips For Finding A Property Almost Perfect For You

Finding a property, whether for the first time or as a highly experienced mover, can be as thrilling and uplifting as much as it is difficult and stressful. Notice the title of the post is ‘almost‘ perfect – that is because it is very difficult to find a perfect home in every way. However, here are some tips to help you to find a home that is as close to perfect as possible. Hopefully, it will also reduce some of the stress that goes alongside the process. 

7 Important Tips For Finding A Property Almost Perfect For You

7 Tips For Finding A Property

1. Start with the finance 

Before you begin looking seriously at properties, think about how you will pay for your new place. Unless you have the cash to buy outright, you will almost undoubtedly need to borrow money through a mortgage. You will also need access to funds to pay a deposit, which is typically 5% or 10% of the home’s purchase price. It is a good idea to take a look at www.mortgagecalculator.uk to check the size of the mortgage that you might be able to take out. Alternatively, a financial adviser who specializes in the whole market. They will be able to determine the amount of mortgage you can afford and will assist you in applying for a loan. Where possible, try to get a mortgage or agreement in principle. This confirms the amount that you will be offered and will go a long way in helping you to secure a home.

2. Think about what you want and need

Now that you know how much you can afford, it is time to start looking for a suitable property that meets your requirements. If you need to be close to a specific school, station, or workplace, mark it on a map so that you can quickly determine if the property is close enough when you see sales details. Make a list of everything you require in a home. These items are frequently very different from what you might want. For example, you may desire a double garage but only require off-street parking. You may want four bedrooms but only necessitate three. Being specific about what you require will allow you to quickly identify the homes to investigate further and will provide the estate agents with a better understanding of your requirements.

A good estate agent should separate wants from needs and then find properties that appear to be unsuitable but are actually perfect. You would be surprised at how many people end up purchasing a home that is completely different from what they were looking for originally.

3. Put your own home on the market

Many buyers must sell their existing home before they can move, and some believe it is best to find a property to buy before putting it on the market. This is a recipe for trouble. If your own home is not even on the market, you will be hard-pressed to secure your perfect home quickly. Any bids you make will be presented to the seller as “subject to the sale of their own property,” putting you at a disadvantage when compared to other bidders who may already have a buyer or have the funds available.

7 Important Tips For Finding A Property That Is Almost Perfect For You

4. Start looking

You are now in a position to start finding a property. Most websites allow you to narrow down your search results by criteria such as location, price, and the number of bedrooms. Examine the property advertisements in the local newspapers. Call or email the most relevant estate agents. Register with them to receive information on properties for sale as well as new ones that come on the market. Keep in mind that estate agents have hundreds, if not thousands, of buyers on their books. Make it clear that you have done your research. Plus, you are committed to moving if you want to be at the top of the agents’ lists when a new property comes on the market. Be specific about your needs: the area you want to live in, how much you can afford to spend, why you are moving, and when you want to move.

5. Consider your first impressions of a property

You’ve made it to the first viewing. Is the property’s exterior what you expected? Examine the nearby homes. Do they appear to be in keeping with the surroundings? How congested is the road? Once inside, you will see rooms that are almost certainly filled with the owner’s furniture and personal belongings. Remove them from your field of vision and envisage your own belongings in their place. Your chances of finding a home that is perfect in every way are low. However, keep in mind that almost anything about a home can be changed except its location.  You can redecorate, knock a few walls through, put in new bathrooms and kitchen suites, re-turf the garden and so on. If the rest of the property is perfect, do not let easy to remedy things put you off. Make notes if necessary.

6. Arrange a second viewing

After viewing several possible properties, you will begin to consider which ones you prefer. Then it’s time to go take another look. In fact, the majority of sales are agreed upon after a second viewing. Schedule the appointment for a different time of day than the initial viewing. You will see the location in various lighting conditions and be able to determine whether there are any noise or other issues.

7. Make an offer

When you’ve found the property you want to buy, you’ll need to decide how much you’re willing to pay for it. Every property has an asking price as well as a price that the seller is willing to accept. They might not be the same. If the property is being sold through an estate agent, keep in mind that they are working for the seller, not you. They have a legal obligation to sell the property for the highest amount possible. You could offer any amount you want for the property, and except in very particular circumstances, the agent is required by law to put up offers to the seller as soon as possible until a contract for the sale is exchanged. Up until this point, anything could happen and the sale could fall through. 

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7 Important Tips For Finding A Property Almost Perfect For You
7 Important Tips For Finding A Property Almost Perfect For You

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