If You Love Yourself Then Why Aren’t You Putting A Ring On It?

When we speak about ‘putting a ring on it’, we most commonly refer to a man putting the ring on the woman. It’s traditional, and oh so romantic. But, to think that’s the only way to ‘put a ring on it’ would be way off the mark. In truth, there are many women out there rocking rings with, or without a man behind them. This jewellery choice is a fantastic way to liven any outfit and really up your accessory game.

But, the sad truth is that many women wish they could wear rings, but don’t. To those women, we have sympathy. In reality, they aren’t easy things to pull off. For that reason, many of us remain ringless for the duration of our days. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. When you get down to it, there are a few common reasons ring-wearing doesn’t work. We’re going to look at them here, and consider what you can do to get past the issues.

You always forget

Forgetfulness is a leading reason for not getting on top of any accessory. But, rings are so small that they fall foul to this more often than most. They slip to the bottom of any jewellery bag. Either that or they get lost. Both of which result in your not wearing them. But, there’s a wonderful thing called a ring holder which could end your troubles. And, no; we aren’t talking about those creepy hands. Keeping your rings safe is as simple as investing in a ring dish like this one from www.etsy.com. This is a subtly stunning way to keep rings in one place. Put it by your bed, and there’s no chance of your forgetting.

The fit is never right

Another mistake many of us make is to buy standard sizes.In truth finding the right ring size is as important as finding the best glasses for your head shape. You wouldn’t pick glasses without trying. So, why pick up any old ring? Rings actually have two size points to consider. Not only do you need to think about the sizing of the band, but you also need to think about the jewel on top. A massive diamond won’t feel comfortable on slim fingers. Lucky for you, sites like https://diamondexpert.com/ have all the advice you need for getting on top of this. What’s more, a trip to the jewellers will help you get the best of any band size issues.

Rings never feel comfortable

Even with the right fit, you may find that rings just don’t feel comfortable for you. The answer here is that you haven’t found the right one. In truth, there are many ring materials out there. If you don’t get along with one, you could always try another. There are even silicone options if you want to stop the things sticking into your fingers. And, if you really can’t find a comfortable option, you always have the choice of putting your rings on a chain instead.

Sarah loves creating beauty content but also writes about health & lifestyle. She has several chronic illnesses that impact her life in many ways. It's made her a big mental health advocate.