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June 2019 DegustaboxUk – What’s In The Box?

Halfway through July and I feel like I am melting in this damn humidity! I’m such a grump but I really do not like the summer weather. Speaking of summer, here I am bringing you the June 2019 DegustaboxUK.

So, if you don’t already know about DegustaboxUK and what it is, let me tell you.

DegustaboxUK is a monthly subscription box that contains between 10-15 items each month, most of which are new to the market. You can read some of my reviews for previous boxes here. It costs £12.99 per month but you can find a discount at the end of the post which means you’ll pay just £7.99 for your first box!

The theme for the June 2019 DegustaboxUK is Summer & BBQ – I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good BBQ in the Summer? Even I like a BBQ; I just don’t like the wasps, the heat and the other bugs! 😉

Right, on to the selection of items that I received.

Garbanzo Snacks
Garbanzo Snacks – £2.29

There were 3 flavours of Garbanzo Snacks available, Tomato Salsa, Bombay Twist and Thai Sweet Chilli – you would have received one of these in June’s box. These were a really tasty snack and great to put out into small bowls for people to pick at. As a plus, they are also high in Fibre, Vegan and Gluten Free!

TREK Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Protein Nut Bars - June 2019 DegustaboxUK
TREK Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Protein Nut Bars – £2.50

I don’t eat nutbars like these mostly because I’m just not a lover of nuts unless they are salted pistachios or cashew. One of my sons really enjoyed these though and said they were really tasty. He goes to the gym each day so really liked the fact that there were high in protein too.

These are a chocolate alternative and I really REALLY wanted to like them but I just didn’t. When it first hits the tongue, it’s nice, you get the taste of the salty caramel but then the flavour changes and it’s just not very nice, plus after I swallowed it, it left me with a really horrible aftertaste. The milk chocolate one was even worse for me. Some of my kids tried it too and they didn’t think much of it either. However, just because we didn’t like it, doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t love it. It just wasn’t for us. I will say the initial taste is nice and it does have a nice texture too.

Rowntree's® Randoms® Sharing Bag - June 2019 DegustaboxUK
Rowntree’s® Randoms® Sharing Bag – £1.29

Can’t go wrong with a bag of fruity jelly Randoms®, now can you?! A nice big bag to share – unless of course, you keep them to yourself if you have a bit of a sweet tooth!

Savour Smiths Truffle and Rosemary Potato Crisps - June 2019 DegustaboxUK
Savour Smiths Truffle and Rosemary Potato Crisps – £1.50

These crisps had a very unique and distinctive flavour. Not to my liking though. They have a nice crunch and are a really nice potato crisp but the flavour just didn’t do it for me. Maybe I’m not posh enough to appreciate the truffle lol

Newman's Own Italian Dressing - June 2019 DegustaboxUK
Newman’s Own Italian Dressing – £1.75

This dressing went down a storm with everyone. They thoroughly enjoyed this red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil dressing. Definitely perks up a salad.

How gorgeous are these bottles? I think they are one of the prettiest bottles I’ve ever seen. Kolibri is a very different botanical drink. Slightly sparkling with very unique flavours, they are low in calories, all natural ingredients and have no artificial sweeteners either.

That is not the most unique thing about them though. These bottles have ‘nectar’ in the lid – that’s the amber colour you can see. You pour the blended water over ice and you use 5ml of nectar for every 100ml of the water. You just push down on the nectar and it squirts out from underneath. The nectar makes it sweeter but doesn’t alter the flavour. I love that you can make it sweet enough for your own taste – I’ve never seen anything like this before!

The Strawberry & Basil was pretty nice but the flavour that came through the most was the basil and I’m not a massive fan of basil anyway. It was nice though and a really different flavour.

Cardamon and Chilli however totally surprised me. I REALLY liked this one. It had a really refreshing taste and I might sound mad but it tasted like chewing an ice cube, or a tip top. It had an icy coldness about it. I would definitely buy this one again. They also do an Elderflower & Lime and I really want to try that one now.

Lucozade Energy Watermelon and Strawberry - June 2019 DegustaboxUK
Lucozade Energy Watermelon and Strawberry – £1.20

I have liked Lucozade since I was a kid and it came in clear glass bottles wrapped in orange cellophane – yes, I am THAT old! I’m still a sucker for the original flavour too. This new flavour was ok but I’m not always a fan of watermelon and even though I love eating strawberries I don’t like strawberry flavoured drinks. I was the only one in the house that didn’t LOVE this! Go figure!

Hellmann's Chilli Mayonnaise fired by Tabasco™ - June 2019 DegustaboxUK
Hellmann’s Chilli Mayonnaise fired by Tabasco™ – £1.99

Am I the only person in a house of 6 that doesn’t like Mayonnaise so I left it to my family to try this. Let’s just say the bottle did not last long at all. With the added flavour of Tabasco®, it made Hellmann’s Mayonnaise absolutely delicious. It was used on just about everything! So it was a BIG hit.

Smith & Sinclair Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies - June 2019 DegustaboxUK
Smith & Sinclair Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies – £15.00 for a selection of 8

Apparently, this brand has been coined Willy Wonka for adults. Believe it or not, each of these gummies contains 7% alcohol so if you have 5 of these you can’t drive! I will say though, they were bloody lovely and you can certainly taste the alcohol!!

DRGN Turmeric Superdrink
DRGN Turmeric Superdrink – £1.85

This is a drink that I never in a million years expected to like, let alone love. I’ve had turmeric supplements and I hated taking them as they tasted awful. So, I wasn’t expecting much from this DRGN Turmeric Superdrink.

How wrong was I? It has a really lovely flavour – smell not so much but hand on heart, it doesn’t taste as it smells. It was fruity and citrusy and just really nice and refreshing. I’d be happy to drink this any time.

Mavericks Healthier Snacks for Kids
Mavericks Healthier Snacks for Kids – £0.75

You would have received 2 of these snacks in your June 2019 DegustaboxUK. I got the Mavericks Moon Cheese Poppin’ Corn and Super Straw Smart Cookies. These were both really yummy. The little cookies were bite size and tasted so nice with the hint of strawberry. The cheese puffs were also great too and ideal for little ones. All of their snacks are under 100 calories and no added sugar options. I’d happily buy these for my grandchildren – heck, even for myself!

Mystery Product Lentil, Corn, Pea and Black Bean Tortillas June 2019 DegustaboxUK
Mystery Product Lentil, Corn, Pea and Black Bean Tortillas – £0.80

I think this was a first for me, getting a mystery product in my June 2019 DegustaboxUK. This hasn’t even hit the shops yet so it was pretty exciting to try it before it’s released to the public. They were a pretty tasty healthier alternative to your usual tortilla chip; good crunch and the sea salt made them nice and salty too.

My Overall Thoughts on the June 2019 DegustaboxUK

June 2019 DegustaboxUK

Although there were probably fewer items in this box that I liked compared to other boxes, I still think this was a pretty decent box. There were lots of items that I hadn’t heard of or had the chance to try. That for me is why I love DegustaboxUK – it gives me the chance to try things I wouldn’t usually buy. I’m not disappointed if I don’t happen to like something because if I don’t like it, there is usually someone else in the house or a friend that will. I make sure nothing goes to waste.

My stand out items in June’s box was Maverick Snacks, DRGN Turmeric Superdrink, Kolibri Botanicals Cardamon & Chilli Drink and the Rowntree’s® Randoms®.


If you want to try out Degustabox yourself, then you can get your first box for £7.99 instead of the usual £12.99 by clicking the banner below and using my Discount Code: 062OO (affiliate link)



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