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L’Affair AC-Dressing Skin Renewal Mask

The other night I tried out the L’Affair AC-Dressing Skin Renewal Mask 3 step mask. It comes with a Step 1 Facial Foaming Cleanser, Step 2 a high functional ampoule and Step 3 the skin renewal mask itself. It claims it calms down skin troubles, cleans and moisturises and has 6 kinds of extracts which improve skin vitality and elasticity.

The Step 1 Facial Foaming Cleanser, OMG, it burnt the hell out of my face. I haven’t had a product burn my skin like that in a long time. I almost didn’t carry on with step 2 BUT I wanted to give all the steps of the mask a fair assessment.


As you can see from this pictures, it really did irritate my skin. It wasn’t just a mild stinging, it was a full on burning sensation. I couldn’t wash it off quick enough. It was actually quite painful.

After washing the cleanser off I tried to calm things down with some rose-water which helped a little before carrying onto the next step.

The Step 2 Ampoule of the L’Affair AC-Dressing Skin Renewal Mask was a very thick gel, as you can see below and it felt very cooling on my hot, irritated skin. It absorbed in quite quickly and started to ease the burning sensation somewhat. The ampoule certainly did not irritate my skin further, it actually helped soothe my skin. That made me a little more confident about using the mask.


Finally on to Step 3,  the Skin Renewal Mask. Jeez, this thing was dripping in thick essence. The L’Affair AC-Dressing Skin Renewal Mask itself was very thin and took a bit of unfolding due to it being so covered in the essence but it fitted my face very well. It was like wearing a second skin. Thankfully the ampoule and the mask helped to calm down the redness and stinging somewhat.


When I took the mask off it was still soaked through, and there was essence on my face that I gently patted into my skin. The excess I patted into my neck. My skin felt a lot better by the time I removed the mask.


My skin actually looked pretty good except for some redness under my eyes where the L’Affair AC-Dressing Skin Renewal Mask had irritated the most. I still had a patch of sore, irritated skin under my right eye the next morning. I really liked the ampoule and the mask itself. The cleanser…well…yes, that’s a big fat NO.

I’d give the ampoule and mask a firm 10/10 but the cleanser 0/10. I have sensitive and dry skin so I wouldn’t advise this mask for people with sensitive skin, unless you skip step 1, which seems a bit pointless when you can purchase a mask better suited to your skin.

Where to Purchase?

You can currently purchase this sheet mask from Skin18.com and it on sale at the moment for just £1.67 ( $2.20)

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