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Find Out If S+ by ResMed Fixed My Sleep

So, 10 days ago I posted that I would be testing out the S+ by ResMed in hopes that it would help fix my terrible sleep, or at least improve my sleep for the better.

I don’t sleep well due to chronic pain, so coming across an app that helps you to improve your sleep seemed too good to be true. I have to admit that I was a little sceptical going in to the testing of the S+ by ResMed. Could an app really improve my quality and quantity of sleep?

S+ by ResMed

Let’s start by explaining a little about what the S+ actually does and how it can potentially help your sleep.

The S+ by ResMed was 2-million sleeps in the making and is the world’s first, non-contact, sleep tracking system that helps you improve your sleep from the very first night. In fact, below-average sleepers have found they can get an extra 45-minutes sleep per night after their first week of use. Simple to use, the S+ by ResMed monitors your breathing, movement and room conditions then syncs with your iOS or Android smartphone to provide you with tailored feedback and suggestions on how to get better sleep. Please note that the smartphone app which is required for the S+ by ResMed is only available to download in UK app stores. – Website  / Amazon 

S+ by ResMed

This sleek-looking S+ by ResMed sits on your bedside table or drawers, positioned slightly higher than your mattress and angled so it is aimed at your chest. This is so it is able to track your breathing and movements. Due to its modern, white silver and white design, it fits in nicely with most homes and decor. It certainly doesn’t look out of place on my bedside drawers.

The plug for the S+ comes with an extra USB socket so you can also plug your phone in during the night too, whilst you are using the app. This allows you to keep your phone fully charged through the night.

The S+ unit is very easy to set up and connect to your phone (Android or IOS) via bluetooth using the S+ app.  Just download the S+ app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and then follow the simple instructions to set it all up. It only takes just a few minutes to complete the whole set up process. You can also register on the S+ website for more detailed information.

The aim of the S+ is to track your sleep each night. It does this by monitoring your sleep, breathing and room conditions, such as temperature and light, sending the information through to the app on your phone.

On the initial set up you will answer a series of questions designed to help determine advice that might be relevant to helping your sleep.

The main menu has a guide, FAQs, and also a daytime relax feature. You can use this in the day just to help you relax. This feature does not have the ability to track your sleep at the same time though.

S+ by ResMed

You can also type a memo to make notes of the thoughts that keep you awake, or if you prefer you can record a voice memo instead.

The best feature I found and the one that has really helped me, is the Pre-Sleep feature. I’ve used this every night, as getting to sleep in the first place has always been very hard for me.

I use the Relax to Sleep feature. You can choose from various sounds to fall to sleep too. It monitors your breathing and uses that to synchronise the sound to your breathing after about 2 minutes. This helps you to fall asleep more easily and the sound will automatically fade away when you are asleep. I use the Ocean sound, which is exactly what you would expect, the sounds of the ocean. I find this one to be very effective.

I have honestly found this feature of the S+ invaluable. Even from the first night I used it, I fell to sleep a lot quicker than I would usually do. Also, if I have a disturbed night and get woke up, I use this feature to send me back to sleep. Usually it could take me hours once my sleep is disturbed to settle back off.

S+ by ResMed

You can also use the Smart Alarm, which you can set to wake you the next morning, gradually. I used this once or twice but I tend to prefer to wake naturally.

S+ by ResMed

The next morning, you click to ‘Stop Tracking’ and the app will calculate your sleep score for your nights sleep. You can see in this image, that my sleep score from last night was 87. This is calculated out of 100 and is made up of scores for your Deep sleep, REM sleep, Disruption time, Onset of sleep and light sleep.

S+ by ResMed S+ by ResMedS+ by ResMedS+ by ResMed

You can see my results from my last 10 days of sleep. On the 13th and 14th I had really bad nights but this was because of my illness and no reflection on the S+. I had bad sleep due to some really nasty acid reflux caused by medication. If anything, I at least got some sleep those nights thanks to the S+ because I was able to settle back off quicker thanks to the Relax to Sleep feature. Otherwise, I probably would have ended up with zero sleep.

You can also see the history of your sleep and get a detailed report sent to your email for the last 30 days of your sleep too.

S+ by ResMedS+ by ResMed

You may also be offered helpful advice on how to improve your sleep, when you stop the tracking the next morning.

S+ by ResMedS+ by ResMed S+ by ResMedS+ by ResMed

You can see from the images above, I was offered different advice and information depending on my previous nights sleep. I was so pleased to see on the 14th that my time to fall asleep was ideal! I never thought I would see that EVER, let alone in just over a week of using the S+.


Overall Final Thoughts About The S+ by ResMed

S+ by ResMed

Both the S+ unit and the S+ App are easy to use and understand.  I really love the modern, sleek design of the S+ unit too. It’s not too big or bulky either.

I definitely sleep better than I have done for a very long time using the S+ and whilst I think due to my illness it would be impossible to fix my sleep 100%, this has definitely helped me to get to sleep quicker and spend less time awake. Honestly before using this, I could spend till 5, 6 or even 7am lying in my bed unable to sleep.

S+ by ResMed

Getting more sleep is definitely beneficial to your mental and physical well-being.  I don’t think people realise what a detrimental effect that lack of sleep can have on a person.

I will definitely be continuing to use my S+ by ResMed and hopefully, continue to improve my sleep.


Learn More about the S+ by ResMed

If you’d like to find out more about the S+ and ResMed then why not visit the websites below:-

ResMedOfficial Website 



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