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CB12 White Review – Smile with Confidence

For those of you that are regular readers, you may already know that I am a spoonie and that I also have Diabetes. Well, one of the really lovely side affects of Diabetes can be a, how shall I put it, a not so fresh smelling breath all day lol It’s not like I have the breath of a dragon, it’s more like I often have a metallic taste in my mouth all the time. It always makes me feel very self conscious, so, when I saw the opportunity to try and review CB12 White, I jumped at the chance.


Now, I have tried many a mouthwash, and yes, they work for a little while but not for as long as I’d like. I was honestly very cynical if CB12 White would be any different. Claiming to keep your breath pleasant for 12 hours AND whitening effect after 2 weeks for your teeth, those are fairly big claims to live up to.


So, I received my CB12 White at the end of July and I have now been using it for a little over 2 weeks and I can honestly say, it works! I’ve been using it daily morning and night and it has kept my breath and mouth feeling really fresh. I brush my teeth,  pour out about 10ml of CB12 White and then gargle with it for 30-60 secs each time. You can tell it’s strong as it’s really intense when you are using it and I would not recommend it if you are hypersensitive to any of its active ingredients. When I say intense I mean it makes your whole mouth sort of tingle to the point where it feels almost a little painful but not quite; like I said, it’s very intense.

Not only does it keep your breath really fresh but after 2 weeks it does have a whitening effect on your teeth. I’m just beginning to see this. I took a picture of my teeth every day except for day 5 & day 6 because I ended up in hospital due to a disintegrated disc in my spine, so I had to miss pic taking for those two days.


I haven’t edited the pictures in any way, they are exactly as they were taken. It’s not a dramatic difference because I didn’t exactly have stained or discoloured teeth to begin with as I don’t smoke, I’m not a coffee or tea drinker, or red wine drinker. I do think that you can tell a difference though especially given the whitening effect begins after two weeks of use. The small mark you might notice on one of my bottom front teeth is something I have had since I was a child.

I’m really pleased and happy with the results of CB12 White. If you suffer with any form of bad breath, in any degree be it mild or not, or you just want a whitening mouthwash I really do recommend trying CB12 White. Even if you don’t, I still recommend it because it’s just a really fantastic mouth wash anyway!

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