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August 2016 Look Incredible – What’s In The Box?

Time to take a look at the August 2016 Look Incredible; I know I’m straight to it on this one!

The first thing about this months box is the packaging has changed ever so slightly. There’s now a printed logo on the box lid rather than a plain sticker and of course the most noticeable difference is the bow & ribbon.

Now, I like the changes, however, I’m going to be honest and say, they should have kept it at just the ribbon in my opinion. The bow stuck on its own on the box, plus the ribbon as well, feels and looks a little too much to me, even, dare I say it, a little tacky. Had they put the bow on the ribbon where it crossed, I think it would be fine but where they’ve positioned it, yeah, not the best choice. That doesn’t lessen the wonderful products inside though.


As always there is card inside printed with all the information and prices of the products contained in the box. Everything is well packed and a couple of more fragile products were also bubble wrapped for extra protection during transit.


The first item is this Fusion Beauty Prime Results Anti-Wrinkle Primer. I’d never heard of Fusion Beauty, so I naturally had to Google so find out about this brand. It’s an American brand, started by a group of women Here’s what it says about Fusion Beauty on their website:-


fu·sion, noun -the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

Fusion Beauty was created by a team of super-women who believed age shouldn’t define their looks. They knew that the importance of technologically advanced ingredients is critical to great looking skin and that it shouldn’t stop when applying cosmetics. It should be maintained. For over a decade, Fusion Beauty has been creating cutting-edge multi-functional treatment cosmetics that help skin sustain a youthful appearance without having to go under the knife.

At Fusion Beauty we know that you can do anything – so you deserve a product that does everything.

Sounds Pretty impressive. Apparently this hydrating primer will reduce the look of deep wrinkles and over time will improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin. You can use it as a primer under your foundation or you can use it on it’s own as a skin perfector. I tried it on my skin and it feels nice and does leave a nice finish. I’m not sure that it dramatically reduces the look of deep wrinkles. I will have to get back to you on that but it seems like a decent product. Price £24.99 


The second item is a NARS Pure Sheer Lip Treatment. This lip product has wild mango butter, Vitamin E, polar berries and Açaí oil. The ingredients provide moisturising and anti-oxidant benefits to nourish and hydrate, dry chapped lips. It’s a rich and creamy texture and feels really nice on the lips. Price £15.00


Thirdly we have this Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Shine Gloss Haute. This shade has the cute name of ‘Back to the Fuschia’. It’s a very pretty fucshia pink, very glossy and smells pretty good too. I’m not a fan of lip glosses, I prefer a matte finish but as lip glosses go, it’s a really nice one. Price £9.99


I was really pleased to see a skin care product in the box, I have so much make up that most of those items get put in the cupboard and forgotten about. Skin care I use everyday, twice a day. This Ooh! Organic Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil 30ml is really nice. Most people know about the benefits of Argan oil as it is rich in Vitamin E, it’s rich in essential fatty acids such as Linoleic Acid and Oleic Acid; perfect for to aid tissue regeneration and in helping the skin retain its natural moisture. Price £19.00


Finally, the fifth and final item this month was a bareMinerals READY® Eyeshadow 4.0 ‘The Soundtrack’ . This has the shades, Rhythm,;- Louder, Remix, Speaker Box, all of which are very wearable shades for day or night. The powders are buttery soft, very pigmented and blend easily. These are more than just eyeshadows though.

Powered by our proprietary SeaNutritive MineralTM Complex along with powerful antioxidants, cold-pressed borage oil, caffeine and cucumber-ingredients known to reduce the visible signs of ageing, including reduced look of puffiness and antioxidant defence for a softer, smoother, revitalised eye area.

bareMinerals READY® Eyeshadow can help to:

  • reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • decrease the appearance of puffiness on the upper eyelids
  • boost moisture levels in skin for smoother, more revitalised eyes

It’s a really nice quad of eyeshadows that will compliment most eye colours whether you want a soft neutral daytime look, or something more smokey. Price £ 29.00

My Overall Thoughts on The August 2016 Look Incredible Box

Look Incredible seem to have really been on the ball with their boxes. This one seems to be all about nourishing and caring for the skin with the lip treatment, anti-wrinkle primer, Argan Oil and moisturising lip gloss, and even eyeshadow that cares for the eyes. That might just be a coincidence that all products care for the face in one way or another but I would think it has been curated that way.  This was a really fab box though, excellent products once again and such good value when the value of this box is well over £93.00. I think it’s more like over £98 because the eyeshadow quad is actually £29 on the bareMinerals official website and not £25.00 as they have on the information card. It might be the wrong info as it says eyeshadow duo too.


If you are going to subscribe to any beauty box and want really good, quality products and all FULL SIZE too, then I highly recommend Look Incredible. For the price and contents, I don’t think it can be beaten.

Sadly, this was my last box as whilst I absolutely LOVE LOVE this box, I really needed to cut back on my subscription boxes as I just had too many. The only reason I gave up Look Incredible  is because I am more into skin care these days and boxes with mostly make-up in them, well, I’m just not using the products, so really, it’s a waste of money for me. I wish I could keep it going, just to review it each month but that’s not possible.

Where Can I Buy It?

Look Incredible Standard Box – £18.99 plus £2.50 p&p  || Deluxe Box £35.00 in p&p

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