Cheesies crunchy cheese snack

Cheesies, The Perfect Snack For Cheese Lovers

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I absolutely love cheese and it’s one of the things that I can still eat since I became Diabetic in 2015. It’s packed with protein so I don’t have to worry about carbs. As well as loving cheese, I also love crisps – I love the crunch but sadly I have had to have far fewer. So, imagine if you will, my delight when I discovered Cheesies – A crunchy popped cheese!

Cheesies crunchy cheese snack
Cheesiescrunchy popped cheese

Believe me when I say that I might have gotten a little too excited over the prospect of crunchy popped cheese. To actually have a snack that I could eat and that I loved – yes, please!

Cheesies, The Perfect Snack For Cheese Lovers

Cheesies basically take cubes of cheese, which are quickly dried and baked and voila, they are transformed into these delicious crunchy pieces of popped cheese. You can buy them in a mixed box where you get 2 of each of the following flavours:

  • Cheddar
  • Gouda
  • Emmental
  • Goats Cheese
  • Red Leicester

They have recently added Red Leicester and Goats Cheese to their existing flavours and they taste so good! Plus, their packaging has had a complete makeover too!

They are available in bags that weigh 60g and that is sufficient for 3 servings. They are now available in 20g packs too! Though I warn you, they are very moreish! With just a trace of carbs and high protein (between 7.4g – 8.8g per serving), these are also the perfect snack for anyone on a keto diet or low carb diet. Plus, they are gluten-free and vegetarian.

Each flavour is really tasty, with the Cheddar having the strongest taste. They really do taste exactly how you would imagine popped cheese to taste. The crunch of them really satisfies my need that for that crunch and crispness that you get from crisps too.

Close up of the Cheesies

My whole family tried them and loved them, so if you have any cheese lovers don’t expect them to last very long! I think my favourite flavour was the Emmental. Though all 3 flavours are very distinctive. The cheddar is particularly flavoursome, having a nice mature cheddar taste.

I imagine these would also taste fab used like croutons in soup or a salad. Or anything that you fancy trying really!

Want to Buy Cheesies?

If you’d like to buy some Cheesies for yourself then you can purchase a mixed box of 10x20g packs, containing 2 of each flavour from their Amazon store*. Or you can buy 12 x20g or 9x60g packs of one flavour.

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You can follow Cheesies on their social media to find out the latest news and updates.

What do you think of Cheesies – are they something you’d like to try?

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Cheesies, The Perfect Snack For Cheese Lovers
Cheesies, The Perfect Snack For Cheese Lovers

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