Dollibox Reveal & Review – June 2016

June 27, 2016

Dollibox Reveal & Review – June 2016

June 27, 2016

Last months Dollibox left me feeling a little disappointed personally, as I ended up passing on most of the contents to someone else. It’s not that it was bad value for money, not at all. It’s just that hair products are not my favourite thing to receive in my beauty boxes.

With that said, on to this months box. On first opening I noticed how jam-packed it was; I don’t think anything else would have fitted into the box it was so full. I mean we all love our beauty boxes filled to the brim with goodies, right?


Schwarzkopf Profession BC Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment

Now I know that I just stated that I am not keen on hair products in my beauty boxes BUT I was quite pleased to see this Schwarzkopf Profession BC Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment because I had a beachwave perm a couple of weeks ago and I feel like my hair could do with a nice treat. The Light one I received is supposed to be for fine hair and I have very thick hair, so I’m not sure it will be ideal but I will definitely try it at least.


It is infused with Marula oil and apparently you can use it daily to nourish your hair. Marula oil is made from the nut inside the fruit of the Marula tree and has about 60% more antioxidants that Argan or Grapeseed oil. It absorbs quickly, and is very lightweight which means it won’t leave your hair looking or feeling greasy; it will just leave your hair feeling soft, frizz free, with a shiny finish.
Schwarzkopf Profession BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment – Retail £19.99 Full size

Deman Mini Classic Brush Keyring

A cute Deman mini brush on a keyring. I don’t know if it’s just me considering I do have very sensitive skin and pressure sensitive Urticaria but this mini brush felt sharp. I could not bear to use it on my scalp; it was too painful. As a keyring, it’s cute and I am sure my teenage daughter will love it.


Deman Mini Classic Brush Keyring – Retail £3.50 Mini Size

Lord & Berry Velluto Eye Pencil & Shadow

This Lord & Berry eye pencil is in the shade ‘Steel Grey’ which makes a change from the usual Black that’s included in boxes. It is soft, and smudges/blends out well with the applicator tip that is on the other end of the pencil. I can see why it has the name ‘Velluto’ which means Velvet in Italian because it is very soft. I think this is my first Lord & Berry product and I really like it.


Lord & Berry Velluto Eye Pencil & Shadow – Retail £11.00 – Full Size

Semilac Nail Lacqeur

This is another brand I had not heard of but Amy Childs is a big fan. I’m sure to a lot of people that will mean something but not to me. I had to google who Amy Childs was and then I was like ‘ahhh explains why I don’t know who she is’. Yeah, I am not a fan of reality TV. lol


Anyway, I received the shade ‘French Vanilla’ which looks to be a really lovely buff colour. I do like the packaging on this bottle; it’s very pretty. I tried it on my little finger nail and it goes on well, not streaky and is well pigmented. It’s not going to cover in one coat unless you want a ‘barely there’ kind of look. Think French Manicure and you’ll be on the right tracks. I do really like it though and can see myself wearing this.

The toe nail separators were an added bonus and something that I welcome and you know, they’re hot pink, how can that be a bad thing!

Semilac Nail Lacqeur – Retail £4.29 Full Size

Forever Mini Pack and Aloe Lips Lip Balm

The final item was this sample pack and lip balm from Forever. Now I had not heard anything about this brand and at first, I thought ‘ooo great, more samples to try out’ because I love to discover new skin care brands. HOWEVER, a comment on my Instagram about Forever & the fact that their being in a beauty box, was as far as she was aware, breaking their MLM rules, made me do some research on the company.

Forever Living Products International, Inc. is a multi-level marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, which manufactures and sells aloe vera-based drinks and bee-derived cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and personal care products

Sounds pretty impressive, right?

Well, first off I have to be honest and say that I personally feel a little uncomfortable about products from a MLM company being in my Dollibox. From the research I did, I found mixed reviews about their products, some said they were really good, others said they were terrible and that the company made false claims about the benefits of the products but the one thing everyone agreed on was that their products are expensive and that they pressure to sell and use pushy tactics to recruit.


At the moment I can only go by what I have read online so I don’t know how much of what I read is true or just disgruntled customers. So I will try their products just to judge them for myself if they are any good or not.

Forever Mini Pack and Aloe Lips Lip Balm – Retail £2.99 Full Size

Overall Thoughts

So, it’s a pretty good box for Dollibox this month. Only the Denman min brush keyring and the Forever products were ‘so so’ for me. The highlights of Junes box for me was the Lord & Berry eye pencil and the Semilac Nail Lacquer. I loved both of those. It’s still not the best Dollibox I have received to date but they do consistently provide great value boxes for just £10 per month + p&p.

The total retail value of this Dollibox this month is an impressive £41.73

Dollibox£10.00 per month + p&p

Dollibox is no longer available.

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