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September 2016 Pink Parcel -What’s In the Box?

I can’t believe how quick the months are flying by and the fact that we are already in September! That also means that it’s time for my September 2016 Pink Parcel – always a fabulous thing!


For those of you that aren’t familiar with Pink Parcel, it is a monthly period subscription and you get all your sanitary needs for the month plus a fantastic box of goodies to help you through your period and make it a little more pleasant. There is usually a tasty treat and a drink of some sort plus some beauty products to cheer us up.

This months box is focusing on some serious relaxation and pamper time.


The For You box was really packed this month; so let’s take a look and see what goodies are in store for us this month.


First up is this lovely Costwold Lavender Slumber Spray. I think most people know that Lavender is used to bring about a good nights sleep. I for one have difficulty sleeping most nights but it can get exceptionally bad during my period when I’m irritable, hot and can’t get comfortable due to cramps. This Lavender spray is to help soothe us and allow for a restful night of sleep. Just lightly mist your pillow before sleep. Price £ 7.25 for 100ml 


This New CID i-glow mini is just absolutely stunning. It’s a baked glow powder and is perfect for adding a pop of colour to your cheeks or for highlighting. It comes in this gorgeous little compact that even has a mirror and it really is just beautiful. Price £ 16.00


One of the treats this month is an Ombar Centres Coconut & Vanilla chocolate bar. This is a raw cacao chocolate bar with a creamy coconut and vanilla truffle filling. This is actually a pretty healthy bar of chocolate as it’s made with unrefined coconut sugar. I’ve yet to try this as even though I adore the smell of coconut, I don’t actually like eating anything where you can taste the coconut. Ok, I take that back. I figured I may as well just tear into it and try a bit of it whilst writing. You can taste the coconut but blended with the vanilla and dark chocolate, I actually don’t mind it. I don’t love it but I certainly don’t hate it. If this had peppermint in it, I’d be sold! Still, the dark chocolate is very creamy and nicely balanced with the filling. Price £ 1.99


We have a second edible treat in the September 2016 Pink Parcel this month in the shape of these Nairns Oat Crackers are pretty tasty. They’re light and crisp, a little salty and go really well with some mature cheddar or soft cheese. Best of all these are wheat-free too, which is great news for me as I’m gluten intolerant. They are baked with sunflowers and I could honestly eat them on their own as a snack but they do taste delicious with a savoury topping. Price £1.42 for 171g


The drink for this month is this Coconut & Cranberry Infusion by Cuppanut, which is Gareth Gates new venture – anyone remember him? Well, apparently whilst recovering from throat surgery he came up with this drink due to the health benefits of coconut plus his love for clean, healthy living and voila, Cuppanut was born.  Anyway, this is a healthy coconut tea, except it has no tea, no caffeine and basically no nasty ingredients at all. Just raw coconut goodness. Plus, this drink is apparently pink too! I am not really a lover of hot drinks at all but I will try this at some point but again, it’s coconut and I’m just not a lover of anything that tastes of coconut. Price £4.50 for 15 bags


This Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour-Freeze Shampoo is a sulfate free shampoo that will gently cleanse your hair without stripping your colour out. This is something I will be trying as I have coloured hair and any shampoo that doesn’t strip the red out gets a BIG thumbs up from me. Used every day it can help to restore your hairs shine and colour. I did take the lid off and it has a really lovely fragrance, almost slightly fruity I would say.  Suitable for highlighted or colour-treated hair. Price £12.20 for 250ml


I was really pleased to see this AA Skincare Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel in this months box. I have a lot of issues with my eyes so finding skin care that I can use for that area is always going to please me. It’s vegan friendly and has natural extracts of Eyebright, Cornflower and Cucumber to help soothe and hydrate the delicate eye area. It’s especially ideal for sensitive skin too. The seaweed and aloe combine to help remove make up, gently and effectively, whilst also soothing and hydrating the skin around the eye. It does feel lovely and cooling on the eye area and it left mine feeling refreshed and didn’t irritate my eyes at all. It is also odourless, so no smell at all and it’s a light green gel. I used it to remove the tester I did for the glow powder and it removed it without any rubbing at all. This was a real delight to discover and at such a fantastic price too. Price £6.96 50ml


Last in this months box are these Pink Parcel Relax Tea Light Set, which are limited edition pink lavender tea lights that Pink Parcel created.  I think there must be a slight error on the box, as it says 6 tea lights, when there is only 4. They’re a pretty pink colour and they do have a faint Lavender smell but it’s not very strong and has a bit of an artificial smell to it. Definitely not the best lavender-scented tea lights I’ve ever come across. They are plenty good enough to light up and just create a nice relaxing atmosphere though. Price £5.99

my Overall Thoughts on the September 2016 pink parcel

Another fabulous box in my opinion. Definitely well worth the £10.50 you pay a month. The two items that really stood out for me were the New CID i-glow mini & the AA Skincare Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel. I thought that these were fantastic and really great products; really loved them both. I’ll definitely be using the shampoo too. The treats were great although whilst not to my own taste, I can’t fault them. I’d say the only thing that was a little bit on the meh side, was the tea lights.


The fact that you get all these products PLUS your supply of sanitary products for the month is such great value. They are also such a lovely company too with amazing customer service in my experience. I’d definitely recommend Pink Parcel to any one looking at this type of subscription.

Where Can I Buy It?

Pink Parcel Website – Pink Parcel

How Much Does It Cost?

Pink Parcel £10.50 inc p&pWhen you subscribe you get your FIRST BOX for only £6.99

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