May Natural Wellness Box
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May Natural Wellness Box – Fresh Routines Edition

So, I have been trying to get this review up of the May Natural Wellness Box since I received it but due to illness, I have been unable to. I’m really happy that I have enough energy to get this done today as I have wanted to share this gorgeous box with you since May!

The May Natural Wellness Box is their second bi-monthly box and this edition is focused on Fresh Routines. Their first box was the March Natural Wellness Box.

You have no idea how heavy this box was, I almost dropped it because I wasn’t expecting the sheer weight of it! Anyway, let’s take a look at the contents!

May Natural Wellness Box

Evolve Organic Beauty Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream – RRP £10.00

I’m a huge fan of Evolve Organic Beauty and already own a few of their fabulous products. This Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream was new to me though. It’s really fresh smelling and of course is natural and vegan-friendly.

Blended with Organic Shea Butter and Coconut oil, it is kind and nourishing to your skin. The combination of Bicarbonate of Soda and natural essential oils make sure you stay fresh all day long.

May Natural Wellness Box

Evolve Organic Beauty Gentle Cleansing Melt – RRP £20.00

There’s not just one but two products from Evolve Organic Beauty and I’m really happy about that.

The second product is their Gentle Cleansing Melt. This is such a lovely cleansing balm, with a really silky feel and I just love the texture of it. When you combine it with water it turns into a creamy milk. My skin feels so soft and smooth after using this. Some cleansers can be harsh and drying but not this one.

As someone with dry and often sensitive skin, this product is great, with no irritation at all. It contains organic Baobab Oil and natural sugar extracts.

May Natural Wellness Box

Sister & Co Organic Raw Coconut Oil – RRP £15.00

Coconut oil is literally a pot of magic and can be used for so many things. It can be used as a makeup remover, moisturiser, overnight moisturiser, hair mask. If you search on Pinterest you will find so many ideas on how to use coconut oil.

The only thing I would say is that I would recommend people with oily skin and/or acne not to use it as it is highly comedogenic and can block pores. So, it may cause breakouts or make acne worse. You could try just putting a drop or two in your usual moisturiser though, so you can reap the benefits but it is less likely to clog your pores.

May Natural Wellness Box

Alchemy Organic Super Blends Morning Elixir 40g – £6.00

You can use this blend as a nutrient booster or to even replace your breakfast. Take a 10g sachet, mix with water and take it as a shot, or use 40g for your breakfast.

Just 10g of the organic super blend will provide you with:-

  • 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirements
  • 20% iron
  • 15% of your folic acid

The Morning Elixir is a rich source of:-

  • antioxidants
  • 35% vegan plant protein
  • 30% fibre

Hemp & pea protein, baobab, wheatgrass, psyllium husk, chlorella, spirulina, goji berries, Camu Camu & acai

Contains naturally occurring sulphites.

May Natural Wellness Box

Organii Everyday Organics Lavender Liquid Soap 300ml – RRP £4.95

This Organii Everyday Organics Liquid Soap has such pretty packaging and smells so lovely. Lavender was a scent I never used to like but as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to love it. For the size of the 300ml bottle, the price is fantastic.

The perfect choice to have in your bathroom and kitchen as it is made using the traditional soap making methods with non-drying natural an organic ingredients. It makes it great for daily use on your hands and even as a body wash. There’s no danger of it drying your skin out.

May Natural Wellness Box

Cocoa Loco Organic Dark Chocolate Buttons – RRP £2.25

You will not be surprised to learn that these Cocoa Loco Organic Dark Chocolate Buttons lasted all of a few minutes after I had taken photos. I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate however, I did really like these. If you really enjoy dark chocolate I would definitely recommend trying them. They are made using the finest single origin beans in the Dominican Republic. Dark chocolate is healthier for you too.

I thought given they were organic they were really well priced too.

May Natural Wellness Box

Simplee Aloe Aloe Vera Water – RRP £1.50

I really really wanted to like Simplee Aloe Aloe Vera Water but I just didn’t like the taste. I’ve tried a couple of other brands and I didn’t like them either, so I think I will stick to Aloe Vera in my skincare rather than drinking it!

It’s such a shame because it contains over 200, yes, 200 vitamins and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory enzymes to support digestion and wellbeing.  Plus, it is low in sugar, which as a diabetic I appreciate and also only 45 cals a bottle. One of my sons really liked this though, so it didn’t go to waste.

May Natural Wellness Box

Thee Van Oordt Clean Care & Body Guard Tea Sample Sachets

This is definitely a tea brand that I have not heard of or ever tried before. I am not a big tea drinker but if I fancy a tea, I tend to go for a fruit tea. I certainly don’t like the traditional British cuppa!

The Body Guard tea is:-

A premium green tea combined with cinnamon, elderflower and dried lemon peel to give a vitalizing aroma and delicious aftertaste. This ‘protective’ tea is the best companion for your body. – Source

The Clean Care tea is:-

A valuable herbal combination with fennel, coriander and rose petals with a fresh hint of lemon peel. This specially selected organic herb combination is a great start to your day or a calming beverage as the night winds down. Take care ….this tea is too delicious! – Source

I let someone else in the family try these because I knew I wouldn’t like them. I don’t like Elderflower, fennel, cinnamon or coriander. Their feedback was that they were pretty nice but not something they’d want to drink every day.

Overall Thoughts On The May Natural Wellness Box

May Natural Wellness Box

I was just as impressed with this second box from Natural Wellness as I was with their first box back in March.

It contained some really fabulous brands and products. Of course, I am going to highlight the two Evolve Organic Beauty products as my favourites this time because I am such a HUGE fan of the brand.

It makes a really nice change to have a box that contains more than beauty products and focuses on well being as well, with items such as the dark chocolate buttons from Cocoa Loco and the Morning Elixir from Alchemy Organic Super Blends.

I’m also enjoying discovering ‘new to me’ brands too, like Organii Everyday Organics and Sister & Co.

May Natural Wellness Box

All in all, a really fantastic selection of products again and I am just sorry it took me so long to post the review!

The Natural Wellness Box is Bi-Monthly with a price point of £35 + FREE p&p, so it works out with around the same monthly cost as a lot of other beauty box subscriptions.

Where Can I Sign Up for the Natural Wellness Box?

If you’d like to sign up for the next Natural Wellness Box then you can do so on their website.

The next box will be the September edition and you can get 10% off your first box using my code BOXNIP10:-

March Natural Wellness Box

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