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Full Lips Made Easy With Perfect Pout Natural Lip Enhancer

As I’ve gotten older, I think my lips have gotten thinner. Honestly, I swear my top lip use to be fuller than it currently is. I don’t want to spend money, even if I could afford it, on lip fillers and what not. I mean, it’s not terribly thin but if I could make it a little fuller, then I’d be happy. I’d been looking at all the natural lip enhancers on the market and was seriously thinking about getting one but then I got the opportunity to try Perfect Pout.

Perfect Pout Perfect Pout Perfect Pout

Perfect Pout comes in 3 different shapes and sizes:

  • Small Oval
  • Medium Round
  • Wide

I was sent a Medium Round. I’m not sure if this was really the right size for my lips or which way I was supposed to use it. Widthways it just would not fit, no matter how hard I tried. So I had to resort to using it lengthways instead.

Now, using the Perfect Pout is a really simple process.  Firstly they recommend that you apply some lip balm to your lips. Not too much, though,  as I found it wouldn’t suction but just slipped around. You then just place the Perfect Pout over your lips and take in short breaths to create suction – trust me, when you get suction, you’ll know. The Perfect Pout will suction onto your lips quite firmly and all you need to do is wait for 15-30 secs before gently removing using a finger to break the suction.Perfect Pout

I’m still not entirely sure this was the right way to use it! As you can see on the left, my top lip isn’t as full as my bottom. Then, on the right, you can see me feeling just a tad awkward with the Perfect Pout suctioned onto my lips!

Perfect Pout

Now, I will say that it did take about 3 or 4 uses of the Perfect Pout to get any noticeable results but I genuinely think it would have been quicker with a better fitting size. There is definitely more fullness to my lips and they do look considerably plumper.

Perfect Pout

Now, I am sure you’re probably wondering if it hurts, or does it bruise at all? All I can say is that it for me, it didn’t hurt at all and there was definitely no bruising. A little redness maybe but that dissipated in minutes. You can actually see on the after pic it does look a little flushed around my lips but that it is barely noticeable.


My Overall Thoughts About the Perfect Pout

The Perfect Pout is definitely a quick, cheap and easy to use, not to mention a SAFE alternative to getting fuller lips.

You can also actually repeat the process until you get the result you desire, though I would say don’t overdo it because I’m sorry, dinghy lips aren’t attractive on anybody!

I’m also pretty sure that if you use the Perfect Pout on a regular basis, the results will last that bit longer each time.

I intend to keep using mine, though when it’s available to buy online, I’d like to try one of the other sizes.


How Much Does the Perfect Pout Cost?

This natural lip enhancer is a really good price at just £9.99, especially when there are similar tools out there that cost considerably more.


Where Can I Purchase A Perfect Pout?

The only downfall at the moment is that you can only purchase the Perfect Pout in the Arch Angelz Beauty Bars that are located in selected branches of Debenhams. You can check out the Arch Angelz website for further details:-


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