February No Make No Life Beauty Box
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The February No Make No Life Japanese Beauty Box

As a lover of skincare, especially Asian skincare, I am always on the lookout for new subscription boxes. With the hopes of being introduced to new beauty and skincare products. Late one night when I couldn’t sleep, I was browsing Instagram and somehow I ended up on the No Make No Life account. Never having had the chance to try Japanese beauty or skincare, I was really excited and reached out to them about reviewing one of their boxes. I was so pleased when they said they would love to send me one to review. Fast forward to last week, when I received the February No Make No Life Japanese Beauty Box.

February No Make No Life Beauty BoxFebruary No Make No Life Beauty BoxFebruary No Make No Life Beauty Box

I really love the design of the box. It’s black, modern and just very sleek looking.  The font and the nomakenolife wording reminds me of the look of neon signs. As you can see, the box was pretty full and contained 6 items – you get between 5-7 full-size items – plus, a glossy booklet listing all the products and some information about them.

February No Make No Life Beauty Box

Sailor Moon False Eyelashes 

These came in red, green, blue and yellow, depending on which Sailor Moon character you got. I received Jupiter which was the green lashes. I was actually quite impressed with these lashes. The green is very subtle and the lashes have a very fine band, which is great when it comes to applying them. I find that thicker banded lashes can be a pain to apply properly. These lashes are feathery and very pretty and you get not just one, but two pairs. Also, you get a really cute, sturdy case with them too. Plus, who doesn’t love themselves some Sailor Moon lashes?

February No Make No Life Beauty Box

Dollywink Eyelash Glue

To go with the Sailor Moon eyelashes, there is this Dollywink Eyelash Glue. This glue is actually endorsed by one of Japan’s most popular ‘gyaru’ models, Tsubasa Masuwaka. It’s sweatproof, waterproof and tearproof, so should keep your lashes in place all day long. I have actually used this glue before but never realised it was Japanese at the time. I really liked the glue and indeed my lashes stayed put perfectly with it.

February No Make No Life Beauty Box

Sakura Facial Bar Soap

This beautifully packaged Sakura facial soap smells so good. The Sakura leaf extract that this soap contains is said to prevent dryness and help with skin troubles.  I have, to be honest, and say I’ve never been a fan of using soap of any kind on my face. Usually, it’s the water that irritates my skin more than the actual soap. Whilst I still get redness from the water, this soap is very moisturising and pleasant to use. I’m not sure I would use it every day but certainly every now and then. That is only because of my sensitive skin though and the water irritation.

February No Make No Life Beauty Box

Puchi Animal Hand Cream

You can’t deny that this hand cream is just downright adorable! It comes in 3 scents of soap, rose and honey. I got the soap one. I love the silicone carry case that comes with it too! So different and cute. It has a really lovely, scent, not quite sure how to describe it, other than fresh and soapy. Just look at that adorable sheep on the front, so stinking cute! Oh, and it’s also a pretty decent hand cream. It’s not going to perform miracles on really rough, dry hands but as an everyday handcream, it’s more than capable of keeping your hands, soft and moisturised.

February No Make No Life Beauty Box

Zawachin x Noyl Eyeshadow Palette

Zawachin is a popular Japanese TV Personality who has made a name for herself impersonating celebrity looks. She collaborated with Noyl to make a line of eyeshadows that can be used to create a variety of different looks. It was a really lovely surprise to see this in the February No Make No Life beauty box.

February No Make No Life Beauty Box
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There were four different palettes in this range, that you could have gotten. Each one has 12 eyeshadows in it. I thought the one I received had a really beautiful range of colours but I especially liked the 6 more copper, gold and earthy tones.

February No Make No Life Beauty Box

They really are such beautiful colours. I also found the eyeshadows to be quite pigmented and soft, when swatching them. Really nice, quality eyeshadow palette.

February No Make No Life Beauty Box

Hello Kitty Sakura Facial Masks

First off I have to admit, I might be 46 but I’m still kinda lovin’ Hello Kitty. So the packaging on this is so pretty and adorable to me. Each of these masks – you get 8 in this pack – has Sakura Extract, Tea Extract and Hyaluronic Acid. This pack is also resealable once opened and has to be used within 60 days. I’ve not been well enough to try these yet but when I do, I will update.  I definitely loved finding them in my February No Make No Life beauty box, though.


Overall Thoughts About the February No Make No Life Japanese Beauty Box

February No Make No Life Beauty Box

I wasn’t sure what to expect in the February No Make No Life but I was really pleasantly surprised and impressed with the contents. There was a nice balance of skincare, makeup and accessories.

Also, impressive is that every product you get is full size. I received 6 items and the Hello Kitty Masks actually contained 8 masks too. There was also the set of 2 Sailor Moon eyelashes and a generously sized eyeshadow palette containing 12 eyeshadows.


How Much Does No Make No Life Cost?

You can subscribe to No Make No Life as follows:

  • 1 monthly – $29.99
  • 3 monthly – $87.00
  • 6 monthly – $170.00
  • 12 monthly – $330.00

No Make No Life also delivers free worldwide shipping to over 120+ countries


Where Can I Subscribe to No Make No Life?

You can subscribe to No Make No Life on their website:-

February No Make No Life Beauty Box

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