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February 2017 will see the launch of a brand new beauty subscription box – The Pip Box.

A beauty subscription box that will only ever include cruelty free products in its box each month. You will also only ever receive full size or travel size products too; so no teeny tiny samples or sachets to be found in The Pip Box either.

The Pip Box

The Pip Box is on a mission, and that mission is to put an end to cosmetic testing on animals. I’m pretty sure none of us like the thought of animals suffering for our beauty, so a beauty box that is all about cruelty free and supporting not testing on animals, is fantastic.

It’s a big undertaking but The Pip Box believes with the help of all their fabulous cruelty free beauty brands and their subscribers, they will be able to make a difference, no matter how big or small.


So why The Pip Box?

So you might be asking where they came up with the name The Pip Box. I’m sure it get’s asked a lot.

The Pip Box actually gets its name from Pippa. Who is Pippa you might ask?

Well, Pippa just happens to be the adorable dog belonging to the founder of The Pip Box. It was Pippa that inspired her owner to go cruelty free with all her cosmetics.

Meet Pippa! Isn’t she sweet!?

The Pip Box - PippaTheir beauty subscription boxes will only contain brands that are cruelty free; kind and caring brands. It just so happens that these wonderful brands also make fantastic beauty products too.

The Pip Box have gone out of their way to find the best quality cruelty free beauty products and have also made sure they are affordable too.

Changing over to all cruelty free beauty products can seem overwhelming. Where do you even begin to start?

Well, this is where The Pip Box fits in perfectly.

Each month you will be able to try out different cruelty free beauty products and brands. This gives you a fantastic way to try new products, at a fraction of the cost and you don’t even have to leave your home to do it!

This way you can gradually replace your existing products with suitable cruelty free alternatives, all of which you will discover in your monthly Pip Box.

Each month your box will contain 5 products and will have on average a RRP of £35

Also included in the box will be discount vouchers which will be exclusive for their subscribers, for the brands featured that month.


So why only cruelty-free products?

The Pip Box

I’ll start off by telling you that The Pip Box isn’t going to lecture you. That’s not what they are about and they promise never to do that.

They just want to make sure that their subscribers are informed, so that when it comes to cruelty-free beauty, you know what’s up.

We all know testing on animals still goes on. Whilst testing on animals for cosmetic purposes was banned in the UK in 1998, sadly it still occurs in other areas of the world. There are still such a lot of brands sold here, in the UK, that are shipped in from abroad and are not cruelty free. Many of us, aren’t even aware of which brands are and aren’t cruelty free because of this.

At least with The Pip Box you know every product in it, is a quality, cruelty free beauty product and no animal has come to harm in the making of it.

What’s more, for every box sold, even the early bird ones,  a 50p charity donation is made to an animal friendly charity – which The Pip Box hope will help towards ending cosmetic testing on animals for good.


How much is The Pip Box?

£14.99 per month (plus £3.35 delivery)

You will be charged on the last day of every month, so right after payday for a lot of people, and your box will be with you by the 26th of the month. You are free to cancel at anytime, should you wish to.


When Can I Subscribe to The Pip Box?

The Pip box will ship out its first launch box on February 20th 2017.

This might seem a little while away but we all know how the time flies.

They have an early bird offer if you sign up now though, which means you can get the first box in February for just £12.00!

NB: This offer expires 31.12.16

The Pip Box

All you have to do is use the promo code: PIPSFIRSTBOX 

Best of all, you can actually do that RIGHT NOW!  Yes, right now because The Pip Box website is live now.

The Pip Box


So, don’t miss out on the chance to subscribe to The Pip Box and save money in the process.

    • The Pip Box can also be given as a gift too. The 3 month bundle is a good choice as it’s discounted. For just over £50 you get 3 boxes and delivery.
    • If purchasing as a Christmas gift, they are offering to email over a Pip Box Christmas voucher which can be printed and put in a card, or emailed over to the gift recipients inbox direct.






Make sure to also follow The Pip Box on their social media, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as they will be posting competition, giveaways and offer codes on there.

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