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July 2016 Glossybox – What’s In The Box?

So with the July 2016 Glossybox, they have curated all the essentials to achieve a perfect minimum summer look without ever having to go outside and with how unpredictable the UK weather is, that might not be such a bad thing! On the Glossybox information card included is states that all of Julys products are FULL size. Hmm, well, one product is travel size and is technically available in a larger size, so I guess that’s down to how you view things. I am not complaining, I’m more than happy on the size but some people might argue that travel size, is not full size.


For me personally the July 2016 Glossybox that I received was a really perfect box; there was not one item I didn’t really like or wouldn’t use. From the de-tangling brush to the lip gloss, I was pleased with them all. I know others got a slightly different box to this one but I’m actually really thrilled that I received the one I did.


This Hairon De-Tangle Brush (RRP £6.99) could not have come at a better time. My hair is extremely long and gets tangled very easily and I have to admit to being a bit skeptical about how well one of these brushes would work on my long, thick hair. All I can say is, WOW, how have I ever managed without this brush in my life before now? This brush, that is shaped to fit perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand, is a little miracle worker. It de-tangles my hair so quickly and painlessly. I absolutely LOVE it!


This beautiful Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 brush ( RRP £11.95 ) is so soft and has a gorgeous hot pink handle design. It’s a great multi-purpose brush that you could use to apply foundation, powder; just about anything that you want really. It is a welcome addition to my brush collection as a girl can never have too many brushes, can she. 😉


Hawaiian Tropic is a name I have known for many years and this Aloha Kiss Moisturizing Lip Gloss  in Island Berry (RRP £6.99) gives a very hydrating, non-sticky, sheer colour to thirsty lips. It is also SPF25 and provides 12 hours of moisture and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as it has advanced UVA and UVB protection to give your lips all they need this summer to stay, looking good, healthy and most importantly protected from the suns harmful rays. This also has such a lovely tropical scent to it too.


This Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara (RRP £13.04) claims to be smudge free, water, sweat and humidity resistant, so no matter where you spend your summer, this should keep your lashes looking flawless. The formula can be built up, so you can wear a more understated, natural look in the day and then for the night-time, you can build your lashes up to give a more voluminous, false lash effect. It has a nice sized brush which isn’t overloaded with product. I haven’t yet tested the durability of it but I have high hopes.


The last product I am really excited for, as I love night creams and I have been looking for a gradual face tan product and hadn’t been able to find one. This could be my answer! The Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Crème 25ml  (RRP £12.50) has everything your skin needs from a good night cream, like hyaluronic acid, vitamins and anti-oxidants to help nourish and repair your skin whilst you sleep. PLUS the added benefits of a gradual tan, providing you with a natural, golden tone to your skin. It claims that it will not stain your pillows either and it has no overpowering scent like many gradual tan products do; it’s odourless. This has to be a winning formula in my book if it lives up to its claims. This is the product that is actually Travel Size, the full size is a 50 ml pot with a RRP £25.00. To me, travel size, is simply not full size, it’s well, travel size. 😛


My Overall thoughts on the July 2016 Glossybox

I really do love all the items that are in the July 2016 Glossybox. I think they selected a great range of summer essentials, whether you’re going to be out in the sun a lot during the summer, or you’re the type to hang around in the shade staying cool, like myself but still want to achieve a healthy summer glow; these products have got it covered for you. My personal stand out product is definitely the Hairon De-Tangle Brush which is AMAZING and the Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Crème, which I can’t wait to try out.

Glossybox is still really excellent value for money and I still continue to enjoy the products they curate for us every month.

This months total value is: £51.47

How Much Is It?

Glossybox – £10 per month + £3.50 p&p (available in monthly, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription plans)

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