Treatbox November 2016
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Brighten Your Day With Treatbox Nov 2016 Review

There is no better way to brighten your day, than hearing the faint thud the beginning of the month, when your Treatbox falls through your letterbox!

This gorgeous box always has so many beautiful treats in it that you can feel a smile spreading across your face before you even get into the box.

Each month has a theme and everything within the box will have been personally hand-picked by Zoe at Treatbox. She has exquisite taste so you know everything will be fantastic.

Treatbox November 2016

November’s box is full of stars, and sparkle, encouraging us to shine bright. We all deserve to shine.

Treatbox November 2016Treatbox November 2016

The dark blue tissue paper, like a night sky, holds within it lot’s of sparkling stars to feast our eyes on.

Treatbox November 2016 Treatbox November 2016

Six sturdy straws decorated with glittery gold stars; perfect to glitz up some mason jars for the upcoming festive season.

Treatbox November 2016 Treatbox November 2016

This Star Struck Constellation Compact Mirror is perfect to carry around or keep in a desk in the office. It’s great that one of the mirrors is also a magnifying one too.

Treatbox November 2016 Treatbox November 2016

These gorgeous white chocolate stars are creamy, with a hint of vanilla and decorated with pretty pastel sprinkles. Very yummy!

Treatbox November 2016 Treatbox November 2016Treatbox November 2016 Treatbox November 2016

We have more stars but these ones are not edible, even though they smell good enough to eat! These caramel scented star wax melts are from the Simple Candle Co and they fill your home with the incredibly delicious smell of sweet caramel. These have a long-lasting, strong scent.

Treatbox November 2016 Treatbox November 2016

We’re going for gold with this pretty glittery gold star garland. The stars are stitched to form a stronger bond. I’ve already used this in some of my recent blog photos!

Treatbox November 2016

There is also November’s calendar month, in a matching star print. This is great for jotting important dates down for the month.

Treatbox November 2016

Tote bags are always handy to have as you can fold them up so small and keep them with you, in case you need an extra bag whilst out shopping. This cream canvas one is a really generous size and has a lovely print on it too, that keeps with the theme for this month.

Overall Thoughts

Well, what can I say, another beautiful Treatbox. From delicious treats for us to eat to delicious scents for our home. I really like the variety of items in each box; yet they all match the theme. Plus the fact that Treatbox do this month after month and it’s still exciting, and fresh each time.

Treatbox November 2016

You cannot help but look forward to Treatbox every month. I’ve not had anywhere close to a remotely bad box yet. In fact, I doubt Treatbox even know how to curate a bad box!

Treatbox November 2016 Treatbox November 2016

I also love that all this comes in a letterbox friendly box, that can just be popped through it. That’s especially handy if you gift one of these to someone else because you don’t have to worry about somebody being home to receive it.

Treatbox November 2016  Treatbox November 2016

The build your own boxes are also a fantastic idea too. I’m not sure I wouldn’t want to keep it myself though lol Seriously though, if you’re stuck for a gift for someone this Christmas, or want something thoughtful and different, you should definitely consider a build-your-own Treatbox.

Really, who wouldn’t love one of these as a gift?


Treatbox – Website

  • £12.00 per month with a subscription
  • £12.95 one off box
  • £21.95 – 10 products Build Your Own
  • £16.95 – 7 products Build Your Own
  • £13.95 – 5 products Build Your Own


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