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November 2019 Degusta Box UK – What’s In The Box?

I cannot believe there is less than a week until Christmas Day. It’s completely mad just how quick this year has flown by! Thankfully we are all ready, gifts are all bought and wrapped, and the last food shop gets delivered Monday. So, yeah, we are all set for the festivities. As I’m talking about festivities, it’s perfect timing for me to mention that the November 2019 Degusta Box was themed around Winter Warmers & Festive.

If you’re a regular reader then you probably know by now just what Degusta Box UK is. For those that aren’t familiar with it, I’ll quickly explain.

Degusta Box UK is a monthly subscription box that contains between 10-15 items each month, most of which are new to the market. You can read some of my reviews for previous boxes here. It costs £12.99 per month but you can find a discount at the end of the post which means you’ll pay just £7.99 for your first box!

What’s In The Box?

So, time to see what was in the November 2019 Degusta Box.

Woodstar 250ml

This bottle of Woodstar (rrp £4.00) is the perfect accompaniment with a meal. Especially when you don’t want to drink. A lovely blend of berries, botanicals and cocoa and balanced to 1% ABV. It tastes really lovely; this is one of those drinks that you want to sip slowly and savour.

Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs

This vegan and gluten-free snack is a great source of protein and fibre. Cheeky Monkey peanut butter puffs (rrp £2.29) are baked not fried and made from peanut butter and corn. They also come in Chilli flavour and very soon will be available in Banana flavour too.

Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Mylk - November 2019 Degusta Box

Apparently, this Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Mylk (rrp £1.60) is like liquid Nutella! So if you are looking for a dairy-free indulgent creamy coconut drink & like Nutella, this might be right up your street. Oh, and it’s also 100% organic too!

Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon / Cranberry & Ginger - November 2019 Degusta Box

If you want to have some slightly different mixers with your spirits this Christmas then definitely try Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon or Cranberry & Ginger flavoured mixers (rrp £0.75). They make a real refreshing change to the usual tonic water!

November 2019 Degusta Box - Pin This!
Duerr's Half Sugar Seville Orange Marmalade - November 2019 Degusta Box

Marmalade is something that I really enjoy but never seem to have apart from over Christmas. I was so pleased to see that this Duerr’s Half Sugar Seville Orange Marmalade (rrp £1.39) in the November 2019 Degusta Box. This one was of two varieties that you could have received in this box.

Real Handful Strawberry Stomp Trail Mix / Blackcurrant Blast Trail Mix- November 2019 Degusta Box

You would have received one of these Real Handful (rrp £2.00) trail mixes in your November box. Both are a really tasty blend of real fruit, nuts and seeds. I really loved that fruit was plump and not completely dried out.

Pure Leaf Matcha / Matcha Mint / Match Ginger - November 2019 Degusta Box

Made with high-quality tea leaves & ingredients Pure Leaf Matcha (rrp £8.99) has the authentic taste of matcha. The tea comes pre-portioned in sachets so you get the perfect cup of Matcha each time. You would have received either Matcha, Matcha Mint or Matcha Ginger in your box.

Mr Lee's Noodles Coconut Checken Laks / Zen Zen Garden Vegetables - November 2019 Degusta Box

You can’t really go wrong with these Mr Lee’s Noodles (rrp £2.50) and you would have received on of these flavour noodles in your November box. These are also gluten-free, low sugar and have no nasties in them. They also have vegan options too.

Food Thoughts Cacao Melts - November 2019 Degusta Box

If you have the non-alcohol version of the box then you would have received these. Food Thoughts™ CACAO MELTS™ (rrp £2.66). The discs made from the best Fino de Aroma bean varieties known for their exquisite and intense flavour. They have no added sugar, are 100% natural and are also gluten-free. You can use them in baking and decorating.

POP Peanut butter & dark chocolate -

Last but not least we have a POP Peanut butter + dark chocolate bar (rrp £1.49). There were 3 flavours available and you would have received one of these. The Pop peanut bars are made with whole air roasted peanuts and have 7 grams of protein, lots of prebiotic fibre and 40% less sugar too.

My Overall Thoughts on the November 2019 Degusta Box

November 2019 Degusta Box

A nice variety of items in this box but my favourite product was definitely the Duerr’s Half Sugar Seville Orange Marmalade! As a diabetic, it makes me feel less guilty that it is half sugar but with all of the taste!

It was great that there wasn’t a single item that no one liked. My family enjoyed the whole box!

Where Can I Sign Up To Get My Own Degusta Box?

If you want to try out Degusta Box yourself, then you can get your first box for £7.99 instead of the usual £12.99 by clicking the banner below and Discount Code: 062OO (affiliate link)


November 2019 Degusta Box - Pin This

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