Ryor For Problem Skin

July 31, 2017 2 Comments

Ryor For Problem Skin

July 31, 2017 2 Comments

I’ve had a pretty bad year this year, health wise and the stress and meds have had a detrimental effect on my body, skin and hair. I’ve always had dry and very sensitive skin since I was an adult. That changed recently as back at the end of April I ended up in the hospital for a week and was diagnosed with Horton’s Disease, aka Giant Cell Arteritis. The treatment for it is steroids, Prednisolone to be exact. I was put on 80mg a day to start with, as the usual 60mg wasn’t enough to stop the symptoms & pain. I noticed that my skin became very oily, and I started breaking out around my jaw line and neck. I also had a lot of closed comedones too, which you could see as my skin was very bumpy. The lovely Hana of was absolutely fantastic and offered to send me some more Ryor products to help heal my skin and also suggested to try some of Ryor’s Lymfodren tea and Cup of Life with Goji.


The skin care products Hana sent me were the following:-

  • Marine Algae Cleansing Foam for Problem Skin
  • Herbal Tonic for Problem Skin
  • Cream with Phytosphingosine and Iris

These are from the Ryor Aknestop range and are designed to help problem skin.


Marine Algae Cleansing Foam for Problem Skin £10.00


This is a really gentle cleansing foam. It contains seaweed extract which helps to cleanse greasy and acne prone skin. As it doesn’t contain soap it also maintains the natural pH value of the skin too. I found this cleanser really effective. It is a really light foam and it feels really refreshing on the skin, it almost tingles but not in a bad way. Almost like you can feel it cleaning out your pores. It also leaves the skin looking and feeling more matte yet it doesn’t dry the skin out at all. You can also use this on your body too.

I found this cleanser really effective. It creates a really light foam and it feels really refreshing on the skin, it almost tingles but not in a bad way. Almost like you can feel it cleaning out your pores. It also leaves the skin looking and feeling more matte yet it doesn’t dry the skin out at all. If you are wondering about the scent, it’s really fresh, subtle and nice. Nothing overpowering at all.

You can also use this on your body too.


Herbal Tonic for Problem Skin £9.00


There is no denying that this tonic has Tea Tree Oil in its ingredients because it’s definitely the predominant scent you can smell. It also has Sage and Juniper in it as well.

The astringent and anti-inflammatory properties of Tea Tree Oil really help with calming breakouts. Reducing redness and calming the skin.  Any breakouts I had were less red and prominent after using this toner.


Cream with Phytosphingosine and Iris £11.00


I really love this moisturiser. It’s very lightweight and not heavy on the skin at all. It contains two main active ingredients. A natural substance phytosphingosine (Phytosphingosine is a conditioning and anti-bacterial lipid.) and Iris Extract. It also has Vitamins, A, E and seaweed extract. It is hydrating and moisturising without being greasy and makes my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth after use. My skin almost feels silky after applying this moisturiser.


Lymfodren Loose Tea £5.00 / Lymfodren Tea Bags £5.00

RyorRyorRyorRyorRyorRyor Ryor

I’m not a big lover of tea, well, not your normal tea that is. I do however like fruit teas and some herbal teas. When Hana told me about Lymfodren I was a little apprehensive in case I wouldn’t like it. Due to how much I wanted to get my skin back to a good place, I was willing to try it.

Lymfodren tea is actually targeted on cleaning the lymph system. In particular, the improved function of the spleen and in turn the immune system of the body. So, this was getting healthy not only on the outside but from the inside too.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that Lymfodren tea is actually really tasty. It contains hibiscus flower and citronella to help flavour it. If anything, I would say it has an almost fruity flavour to it. Both loose tea and tea bags had the same flavour.


The Cup of Life with Goji £8.00

Ryor Ryor

Lastly, Hana also sent me The Cup of Life with Goji to try too.

Doctor Popov’s Cup of Life is a balanced, 100% natural food mix. It supplies our body with plenty of essential vitamins and mineral nutrients, without overburdening it with preservatives, stabilizers or artificial colourings. It is good for breakfast, for snacking or even to be a substitute for a complete meal (for instance a supper). The new formula contains dried fruits of “goji” – lycium chinensis and almond slices. Lycium chinensis is one of the richest sources of carotenoids, which are important for supporting the natural immunity of organism, ca 20 trace elements, including iron, zinc and selenium, as well as vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 and E. In Asia goji owes its popularity to the belief that it contributes to longevity. Almonds contain a number of flavonoids which help to protect the heart and blood vessels. They are also a source of phytosterols, which obstruct the absorption of fats and cholesterol. Ingredients: rolled oats, sunflower seed, malt wheat flakes, linseed, original Indian soluble dietary fibre Psyllium, buckwheat, pumpkin seed, fruit of lycium chinensis, almond slices.


Soak 4 to 6 teaspoonfuls of Doctor Popov’s Cup of Life and mix into 5 times as much of pure table water for at least one hour. Add low-fat yoghurt shortly before consumption, stir, flavor according to taste using, either fresh fruits or vegetables or a dash of juice or diet compote. Do not sweeten with sugar or honey! Note: Low fat yoghurt may be replaced by Soya milk. The mixture can also be prepared in a blender as a cocktail drink. Not suitable for gluten-free diets.


I wasn’t really sure how best to have this natural food mix. So, I decided as I had to soak it for an hour, I would make the equivalent of overnight oats. No idea how it was going to turn out but I wouldn’t know unless I tried it.

Ryor Ryor

It said to soak for an hour, which passed by pretty quickly, and then I added a low-fat yoghurt and a fruit compote and then some frozen berries on the top.

Ryor Ryor Ryor

This was possibly one of the yummiest things I have eaten. It was really tasty and the natural mix went perfectly with the tang of the yoghurt and fruit.  Delicious! It’s been made several times since. I would for sure recommend this and it get’s a 10/10 on taste. I also it quite filling too. So, it made a great breakfast.


Overall Thoughts


I am so grateful to Hana for sending me all these lovely Ryor products to try as well as the tea and natural food mix. Both of those were such a pleasant surprise and something I wouldn’t have ordinarily have tried either.

There was definitely a marked improvement in my skin and whilst I cannot say that these products are 100% responsible for that because obviously my skin has had time to calm down and I have lowered the dosage of steroids too. I will say that they most definitely helped.

There was a definite improvement in redness and they helped to soothe and calm the skin and any breakouts.

I would certainly recommend all of these items for anyone suffering from problematic skin.


Where Can I Purchase Ryor Products?

You can purchase from the whole range of Ryor products from  Bohemian Natural Cosmetics – Official Ryor UK Distributor



Official Ryor UK Distributor Social Media



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