Ryor Ryamar Skin & Bodycare Review

May 31, 2017

Let me introduce you to Ryor, natural herbal beauty products from the Czech Republic.  I was approached by the very lovely Hana about trying some of the Ryor products. We discussed very thoroughly my skin type, my concerns etc After this, Hana picked out some products she thought would be good for my skin.

Hi, I’m Hana and I wanted to share with you my passion for Ryor natural, herbal beauty products from the Czech Republic. I have been using Ryor products since I first used them and fell in love with them 20 years ago. They come from my homeland, in the beautiful countryside of the Czech Republic, known as Bohemia. Ryor is the most popular cosmetic brand in the Czech Republic and is already sold in 21 countries worldwide.

These natural, caring cosmetics from the “Heart of Europe” have now finally arrived in the United Kingdom.

I´ve always been interested in herbs, alternative medicine, nature, beauty and a healthy lifestyle which is very close to the ethics of Ryor so this has led to the start of Bohemia Natura Cosmetics.

I look forward to providing you with advice about skincare and a healthy lifestyle, and would love to the opportunity to help find the best Ryor product for you.

Source:Bohemian Natural Cosmetics – Official Ryor UK Distributor


Ryor has a wide range of products to choose from depending on your skin type and needs. The products that were chosen for me by Hana were from their Ryamar range which is especially for very sensitive skin. They have a high content of Amaranth Oil and regenerate and nourish the skin. They are dermatologically tested too.

There are several ways to recognise if your skin is sensitive but most people will experience some of these signs:

  • the skin can have pink/red blotchy patches
  • itchy and easily irritated
  • broken veins on the nose and cheeks
  • your skin may feel tight when in direct sunlight or heat
  • tight, flaky, dry and/or sore skin

Having sensitive skin usually means your skin’s barrier has been compromised, so repairing it is essential for healthy glowing skin. Squalene is also a component of Amaranth Oil used in Ryamar that is good for helping to repair, as it’s due to a low-fat content in the skin, that causes the skins protective film to be inadequate.


Amaranth Oil

Amaranth Oil has a plethora of benefits for the skin including:

  • a source of essential fatty acids
  • its regenerative, revitalising and antioxidants that slow down the ageing process & formation of wrinkles
  • contains squalene (6-8%) which is something our body cannot produce enough of on its own, and the ability to create its own Squalene decreases with age. Squalene is one of the essential components of a high-quality protective skin barrier.
  • the carrier of protective substances and of fat-soluble vitamins, it plays an important role in protecting damaged skin

So, let’s take a look at the products that Hana chose for me.


Body Milk With Amaranth Oil 300ml


The Ryamar Body Milk with Amaranth Oil is really moisturising and can be used on even the most sensitive of skins, and is suitable for all ages, even for children.

It absorbs easily into the skin and leaves it feeling very soft, smooth and nourished.

Even on my really dry, sensitive areas where I am prone to get psoriasis flare-ups. It really did a fantastic job of moisturising the skin without causing any irritation at all. Usually, I find that anything I use on my psoriasis stings like a …well…you get the idea!.

There is no real scent to speak of at all, which is great for anyone that doesn’t like strong scents in their body products.

Nothing but all the goodness of the Amaranth Oil in this beautiful body milk.


Amaranth Body and Skin Oil 150ml


This is another really brilliant Ryamar product. In fact, it is 100% natural oil too! It boasts ingredients of:-

  • olive oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil all of which are rich in Vitamin A & E

Plus, of course, all the benefits of the Amaranth Oil too. Highly moisturising and nourishing, like the body milk it can be used for all ages. I found this to be really great for deep down moisturising and noticed a difference in my skin. In conjunction with the body milk, this really helped my dry skin to hydrate, plump and regenerate.

I also used this on really dry areas on my face too, particularly the tops of my cheeks under my eyes, where my sensitivity is the worst. I never had any irritation or reaction to it at all.

There is another great thing about this oil – you can use it on the ends of your hair too! I have coloured hair which is also pretty long. The ends of my hair were quite dry and so rubbing a bit of this oil into the ends on a regular basis, really helped to nourish them and revive them.


Hydrating Cream With Amaranth Oil and UV Filters 50ml


I absolutely loved this Ryamar Hydrating Cream! It was so moisturising but not in a heavy way.  It’s a very lightweight cream, that turns almost to a watery essence as you rub it into the skin. I actually find it really cooling and soothing to apply to the skin, yet still very hydrating. My skin felt soft and hydrated all day after using this cream.

Along with the Amaranth Oil and the squalene, this cream also contains avocado and jojoba oils. Plus, panthenol and seaweed extracts make this cream hydrating and calming. It’s not perfumed either.

The Vitamin E & UV Filters also help to limit the adverse effects of solar radiation on the skin too.

The convenient pump makes it very hygienic to use too, dispensing just the amount you need.


Day Cream With Amaranth Oil and Silk


The Ryamar Day Cream is also a very lightweight cream. I think that was one of the things I liked overall about this range of products. Sometimes I find products for dry and sensitive skin can be very heavy and don’t always feel light on the skin.

This is such a light cream to use. It does have a very subtle scent, slightly floral I would say but it’s barely there. It’s a really nice scent anyway.

It has a slightly thicker viscosity than the Hydrating Cream and is more creamy when you apply it but it still absorbs into the skin quickly. Leaving it soft, and hydrated and feeling plump. I did notice a slight brightening to my skin too.

This cream does also contain silk proteins though, which help to brighten the skin as, as well as smoothing and moisturising it.


My Overall Thoughts About Ryor Ryamar Products


I was really impressed with these Ryamar products. They were so good for my skin and using them was such a pleasure.

Even more so because they didn’t irritate my skin at all, even on its most sensitive days.

They hydrate, soothe, calm and nourish the skin. Improving and helping to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Leaving you with soft, supple revitalised skin.

The packaging, which I haven’t mentioned so far, is really beautiful too. The pretty pink floral print with the white is fresh and clean. It really says this product is natural in my opinion.

I definitely want to try some more products from Ryor – especially the Mattifying Cream with Powder-Effect that Tati absolutely raved about!

If you have sensitive skin, I really do recommend trying these products. A big plus is not only are they effective but they are also extremely affordable too. So, it’s not going to dent your bank balance either.


Where Can I Purchase Ryor Products?

You can purchase from the whole range of Ryor products from  Bohemian Natural Cosmetics – Official Ryor UK Distributor



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