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July 2016 Treatbox -What’s In Box?

Treatbox has got to be one of, if not THE most adorable, pretty, cute subscription boxes around at the moment. Once I saw it, I knew I was going to have to subscribe to it. Even though it was stretching my funds to do so. It was just way too enticing. I will warn you that this review is photo heavy because how could I not take so many photos when everything looks so adorable in the July 2016 Treatbox?!

Now one of the great things about the July 2016Treatbox is that you do not have to subscribe if you don’t want to commit. You can instead order one-off boxes as and when you want to. If you prefer you can even build your own. So this box is perfect for yourself, or to give as a gift or a special treat for someone. They have a fab range of items to select from if you do want to build your own.

Getting married? What bridesmaids wouldn’t love one of these landing through their letterbox? You could use them to say thank you, cheer up a sick friend; really they are so versatile. I mean, this box is literally sunshine in a box, as I am sure it would brighten up anyone’s day!

Another great thing is that Treatbox comes in a letterbox friendly box, which means it will fit through most standard size letter boxes. That’s great news if you are worried about having to wait in for your box to arrive.


Now, can we just take a moment to appreciate this packaging? Neatly folded pretty tissue paper and an adorable sticker keeping it all in place, matching the tropical theme of the July 2016 Treatbox.

I could already smell a heavenly blend of tropical scents from the box before I even opened it. Once I unsealed the tissue paper it was even more amazing. The contents were all neatly packaged too and I couldn’t wait to take a look at everything.


So, the first two things that greeted me were this pretty pink Flamingo & quote! I will definitely be popping into a frame. There was also a card telling me about the theme this month. Plus also updating me on some rebranding that Treatbox has just undergone and that it happens to also be their 1st Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Treatbox!


In celebration of their 1st Birthday, Treatbox included a little party bag that had some Lovehearts candy, some bubbles & confetti. So cute! The bubbles were really fun and my daughter spotted them straight away and proceeded to blow bubbles around the room; I hasten to add, she’s 13! That said, my 18yr old son did the same thing later the same day too. Seems no one is immune to the fun of blowing bubbles!


The source of the glorious tropical scent coming from the box was from a Piña Colada wax melt by Simple Candle Co. You have to believe me when I say, it smells incredibly good; coconut, fruity and just embodies summer. If it wasn’t for the fact I already have so many subscription boxes already, the Simple Candle Co Melts Monthly would be another I would sign up for!


I loved this cute little melon badge, with the backing card quoting ‘You’re one in a melon’! It’s totally cute, fun and quirky.

Then the very dainty Wish Upon A String wish bracelet perfectly themed with a pineapple charm. ‘Tie your bracelet on your wrist and when it snaps your wish exists‘. That is so charming; I love it! I have a feeling I may lose this to my daughter as she exclaimed ‘Awww, that’s so cute!’ when I showed it to her.

This dainty little flag will be great for blog photos, as will a lot of the other items actually, which was another reason I thought subscribing to Treatbox would be a fantastic idea! I loved the ‘Go Your Own Way’ heart hanger which will look just about great no matter where it is hung. I still can’t believe all these items fit into the box to be honest!


This spacious bag is really well made of quality, thick canvas and could be used as a make-up bag, pencil-case or indeed, for any purpose you choose really. I adore the quote on it ‘And so the Adventure begins darling‘.

I also love the attention to detail with the ‘Treatbox’ label and the lovely rose gold zip. This will come in very handy as I need a new makeup bag and also a bag to keep smaller blog photo props in.


Lastly, is the encouraging quote ‘Oh the places you’ll go!‘ in A4 size. I love the quote itself as well as the font used. This will look great framed and hung on the wall. I’m going to be decorating my bedroom soon and it will go so well on one of the walls once it’s done.

Overall Thoughts

This is my first subscription box that isn’t beauty related in some way or another, so I was really excited to see what was inside. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I just love the packaging and the thought that has gone into the box. Everything is related to the theme for the month. I had a big smile on my face from the moment I opened it.

It’s just one of those really ‘feel good’ boxes. I’m certainly thinking of getting a few of these for extra Christmas gifts this year too because I think they will make really lovely presents and it’s something completely different.

I really recommend trying Treatbox out! I will definitely be continuing my subscription. It’s cute, whimsical and just downright adorable from the packaging to what’s on the inside. They say beauty comes from within and it sure does in this box!

How Much Does it Cost?


  • £12.95 ONE OFF BOX

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